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One Hundred Degree Days Are A Thing Of The Past …

This year (so far) is only the third year since 1895 to post no 100 degree temperatures in the Midwest.  The other two were 1928 and 1992 (after the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo.) The likelihood of 100 degree weather has … Continue reading

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Changes In Attitude – Changes In Latitude

Taking the average of all GHCN stations in Western Europe, there has been about 8F (4.4C) warming since 1895. This has corresponded with a southward move of about four degrees average station latitude . The rule of thumb is that … Continue reading

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UHI In The 2003 European Heatwave

The UK had a week of hot weather in early August 2003.  I was there a few days earlier freezing my tail off at the beach in Christchurch. Coldest summer beach day of my life. All of the hottest temperatures … Continue reading

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Alarmists Getting Desperate

Tom Steyer is now paying money to interfere with my videos.  Brilliant marketing putting a global warming scam ad in the middle of a video exposing his scam.

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July 31, 1988 – Last Midwest Temperature Over 110F

The Midwestern US has had 226 temperature readings over 110F since 1895, occurring on 86 separate days.  The last one occurred on July 31, 1988.  All occurred below 350 PPM CO2.

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Bad News For Climate Alarmists

I’ve developed some new tools which allow me to instantly visualize and analyze huge amounts of data.  For example, this is every single daily maximum temperature record in the GHCN database for Western Europe since 1895. I plan to commercialize … Continue reading

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New Video : Climate Crisis – No Public Comment Allowed

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