July 18, 1936 – Hottest Day On Record In The Western US

There have been 11,500 summer days since 1895.  July 18, 1936 was the hottest and the only one which averaged 100 degrees (99.6F)  in the western US.

It was also the hottest July 18 across the entire country.

Three states reached 118 degrees (Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma) nine states were over 110 degrees, and twenty seven states were over 100 degrees.

States over 100F (38C) on July 18. 1936.

State           Temperature (F)
Kansas	        118
Missouri	118
Oklahoma	118
Arizona	        113
Arkansas	113
Nebraska	113
Montana	        111
California	110
South Dakota	110
Idaho	        109
North Dakota	109
Texas	        109
Utah	        109
Colorado	108
Minnesota	107
Nevada	        107
Iowa	        105
Wyoming	        105
Washington	104
Illinois	103
New York	103
Mississippi	102
Virginia	102
New Mexico	101
Oregon	        101
Ohio	        100
Wisconsin	100

Meanwhile, the Denver Post says the Denver Airport could reach 100 degrees tomorrow, which they say would be near an all-time record and would be due to global warming.

One hundred degrees actually happens almost every year at the Denver airport, and is five degrees cooler than the 105 degrees downtown Denver reported on August 8, 1878. A record that has never been beaten, despite the fact that the airport site is three to five degrees warmer than downtown.

The breathtaking level of ignorance and stupidity among climate reporters, seems to know no bounds.

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  1. CheshireRed says:

    O/T, but you may want to take a look at this post from Paul over at Notalotofpeopleknowthat.

    I commented BTL about your own predictions Tony, made 1-2-3 years ago about the build-up of multi-year ice, and that in a short time alarmists are going to look very silly indeed.

    Well, there’s now 5-12 feet of pack ice all over the Arctic, including hundreds of miles east / north east of Greenland – at the height of the summer melt season!

    Not for the first time you were spot on. I’m looking forward to this being widely reported in the Guardian and BBC.


  2. rah says:

    I noticed that the Indiana all time high was set just four days before (July 14, 1936). That day it got up to 116 F at Collegeville, IN (Collegeville is on the south side of Rensselaer, IN.)

  3. Theyouk says:

    (O/T) Well, we can all sleep better now that Berkeley CA has banned natural gas: https://www.berkeleyside.com/2019/07/17/natural-gas-pipes-now-banned-in-new-berkeley-buildings-with-some-exceptions

    …because that electricity used in new buildings will come from wild magic elves, and they’re emissions-free…


    • rah says:

      The cowards only banned it for new construction. If they had a spine and really meant it, they would ban it for all and force everyone to convert.

      • Gator says:

        I was watching a home that was being restored in the San Bernardino area, and the owners wanted to convert a wood fireplace back to its original configuration, as it had been converted to gas. The city has an ordinance that forbids this, once converted to gas, a fireplace can never be a wood burning unit again. They are doing what leftists always do, moving us slowly away from our freedoms, what they call “progressive”. Things just get progressively worse.

        • GW Smith says:

          Exactly! The word “progress”, like many formally good words, has been hijacked and redefined by the far-left Ministry of Truth. It’s the essence of Fake News and creeping socialism.

    • 4EDouglas says:

      Add to that riding unicorns on treadmills…

  4. -B- says:

    “The breathtaking level of ignorance and stupidity among climate reporters, seems to know no bounds.”

    They are paid to generate fear and worry. They may be stupid but even if they weren’t they would do as they are paid to.

    Several years ago I realized something was wrong as typical weather was being portrayed as some dire situation. Then that started including blaming our carbon dioxide sins for it. It’s old time religion. Very old.

  5. Psalmon says:

    I saw that there is a “Excessive Heat Watch” for NYC on Friday. See below…boy that looks scary…like blood. The forecast is for 90F Friday, then 95F Sat, then 98F on Sunday. The Dewpoint is forecast on Sunday at 72F mid day. That will be the hottest it gets probably all year. August is cool…the hottest day in NY is ALWAYS on July 15-20. ALWAYS, EVERY YEAR. You can set a calendar by it.

    I live in Jeddah Saudi Arabia right now. Today, it was 104 F temperature, PLUS 76 F dewpoint. That is not even hot here. Last Wednesday it was 108F and an 82F dew point…the “Real Feel” was something like 118F.

    There were no warnings, there were no alerts, people just went on about their day. Traffic was normal, lines in shops for lunch were normal…in fact nobody even mentioned it was hot…probably because hot is 48-50C, WITH humidity. Earlier in June it was 48C one day…118. I rode my bike that morning at it was over 100F at 9 AM.

    Americans are being propagandized to think that 90F is a scorching hot. So everyone says, oh it’s hot. It’s like yawning, someone yawns, you yawn…are you tired? no.

    Americans look silly with this stuff. it is understandable in France or Britain where many homes are not airconditioned, but good God, it is 9pm here in Jeddah as I write this and it is 95F…and since Friday is like Saturday here (writing on Thursday), EVERYONE is out…and they generally do NOT wear shorts, women especially.

    This has become the limpest generation. The Greatest won world wars, built a country, went to the Moon. This one faints at 90F and worrys about pronouns.

    • KevinPaul says:

      “This has become the limpest generation. The Greatest won world wars, built a country, went to the Moon. This one faints at 90F and worrys about pronouns.”
      So true. Mass nanny state directed devolution in motion, viz. politically correct, thin skinned, weak wristed, self centred, dumbed down, over fed, brain washed automatonic nirvanites.

    • Gator says:

      Anything other than mild weather is now EXTREME!!!

      If the rise of humanity had been dependent on this generation, we would be nothing more than a small fossil record.

      • rah says:

        I wonder how many previous generations have thought that same thing about their descendants? The Flower Children, Hippies, and draft dodgers.

  6. Don B says:

    Of the 50 state maximum temperature records, only 12 new records were set after 1936.


    • rednecksnowflakegimp says:

      1. You clearly don’t know how to count, because there is more than 50 records in this table, you counted states. I counted about 20 records after 1936 – which is a date of many records, that you conveniently set as a reference date to cherry pick after that date.
      2. Secondly, its irrelevant because daily records are not averages and weather is not climate as well as local temperatures are telling nothing about global temperatures. Just because it snows in your backyard more than the last year, doesn’t mean the entire world freezes.
      3. The very same organisation you put the link to, cherry picking to support your bias, draws completely different picture: https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/sotc/global/201513

  7. Phil says:

    Hi Tony, Would you please give sources for your data? Perhaps you could create a reference section on your website with source links for your blog and YouTube channel.

  8. rah says:

    A tour de force from Joe Bastardi:
    “The coming “hottest ever” claims are hype”

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