July 18, 1936 – Hottest Day On Record In The Western US

There have been 11,500 summer days since 1895.  July 18, 1936 was the hottest and the only one which averaged 100 degrees (99.6F)  in the western US.

It was also the hottest July 18 across the entire country.

Three states reached 118 degrees (Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma) nine states were over 110 degrees, and twenty seven states were over 100 degrees.

States over 100F (38C) on July 18. 1936.

State           Temperature (F)
Kansas	        118
Missouri	118
Oklahoma	118
Arizona	        113
Arkansas	113
Nebraska	113
Montana	        111
California	110
South Dakota	110
Idaho	        109
North Dakota	109
Texas	        109
Utah	        109
Colorado	108
Minnesota	107
Nevada	        107
Iowa	        105
Wyoming	        105
Washington	104
Illinois	103
New York	103
Mississippi	102
Virginia	102
New Mexico	101
Oregon	        101
Ohio	        100
Wisconsin	100

Meanwhile, the Denver Post says the Denver Airport could reach 100 degrees tomorrow, which they say would be near an all-time record and would be due to global warming.

One hundred degrees actually happens almost every year at the Denver airport, and is five degrees cooler than the 105 degrees downtown Denver reported on August 8, 1878. A record that has never been beaten, despite the fact that the airport site is three to five degrees warmer than downtown.

The breathtaking level of ignorance and stupidity among climate reporters, seems to know no bounds.

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