The Other Side Of 1934

I’ve been presenting a lot of information about the record heat of 1934, but that year also brought record cold to the Northeast US. February 9, 1934 was the coldest night on record in the Northeast, and the third coldest day.

Every location in the Northeast was below 0F (-18C) that night, and the average minimum temperature was -22F. Coldest location was -52F at Stillwater Reservoir, NY.

That afternoon, no place in the Northeast US made it above freezing. The average maximum temperature was 3F.

TimesMachine: February 10, 1934 –

A few months later the New York Times was reporting on record heat and drought.

TimesMachine: July 25, 1934 –

24 Jul 1934, 1 – Chicago Tribune at

Climate experts want to return us to the stable, low CO2 atmosphere of 1934 – because they say higher levels of CO2 cause extreme weather.

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