This Date In 1913

On this date in 1913, there were 100 degree (38C) temperatures from California to Maine.

Nine days later, California recorded the world’s record hottest temperature of 134F (57C.)


This is not at all consistent with climate change.

Europe’s heatwave consistent with climate change, more to come: U.N – Daily Times

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3 Responses to This Date In 1913

  1. Anon says:

    Up next will be this, caused by CAGW no doubt:

    Freak Summer Hail Storm Blankets Mexico’s Guadalajara

    They will never mention that the last time we saw this was during the Maunder Minimum:

    History: Extreme Weather during the Maunder Minimum

    Just search that article for “hail” and you will see what I mean.

  2. rah says:

    92 deg. F in the shade and 99 def. F in the sun today here about 30 mi. NNE of Indianapolis today.
    Started tear out of my old back deck yesterday evening simply because before 18:00 it was too damned hot.

    Today (Monday) I fixed my flag pole. Rope had slipped out of the pully on the top. Went to my families business and put a telescoping single man life on the back of a 1 ton flat bed truck and strapped it down with three straps and with it’s outriggers stabilizing it on the bed of the truck. Collapsed the man gage at the top to get it low enough to be safe hauling it the six miles to my place.

    Backed the bed of the truck up to within 6″ of the pole. Put the cage back up and locked together properly. The man lift goes up 15′ and the bed of the truck was about 4′ off the ground. Add to that my 6′ height and 2 more feet of reach with my arms I was 4′ short. My plan was to put a 6′ wide step stepladder on top of it all secured with ratchet straps. But the thing was just too shaky. Ten years ago I would have gone for it anyway, but at nearly 64 y/0 a 25 ft. fall could cripple me for life.

    Went to an electrical contractor and they sent a bucket truck out an hour later. Cost $250.00. But my 8′ x 12′ Stars & Stripes are flying high and beautiful for the Holiday. Thing is I am going to have to pay that or a little more again plus the parts to fix the problem permanently so the thing will out last me.

    The problem is that the swivel is locked up. Thus the rope is constantly wearing on the sides of the plastic pully and have worn them done in places allowing the rope to slip out of the pully and lock up. The fix will be to buy a whole new top swivel unit and replace the plastic rope pully with a brass one and lubricate the hell out of the swivel bearings then take off the old top swivel unit and replace it with the new one with the brass pully. By the time that fails it will almost certainly be the problem of the new owner of the house because I won’t be worrying about anything or fixing anything anymore.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Europe’s heatwave consistent with climate change, more to come: U.N – Daily Times

    What rot.

    As I explained in an earlier thread the weather pattern is clearly due to the Sun: jet stream blocking associated with the solar minimum we’re now in, just like the great Moscow heatwave of 2010.

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