UHI In The 2003 European Heatwave

The UK had a week of hot weather in early August 2003.  I was there a few days earlier freezing my tail off at the beach in Christchurch. Coldest summer beach day of my life.

All of the hottest temperatures during that heatwave were right around the urban heat island of London.

The hottest day was August 9th.  One thermometer at Heathrow reported 100 degrees, and another one close by reported 95 degrees, It is amazing what jet exhaust can do to a thermometer.

Temperatures reported so far this year in the GHCN database are much lower than 2003, but I will wait a few days to see how that changes.  (With my new tools, alarmists are in a lot of trouble.)

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7 Responses to UHI In The 2003 European Heatwave

  1. Ross says:

    I just don’t get these climate change deniers. I mean, yesterday it was sunny, and today it is raining! What more proof do they need?

    • tonyheller says:

      I have no idea what the point of your comment is. It has nothing to do with the post.

    • spike55 says:

      Which deniers would that be?

      We KNOW that the climate changes.

      We are not WEATHER deniers either.

      Nor are we DENIERS of the large temperature effects of urbanisation and jet engines, like “believers” in the surface temperature measurements are.

    • Nicholas McGinley says:

      My sarcasm detector has flagged this comment from Ross as an attempt at humor.
      Ross, you need to make it more ridiculous so everyone can tell, if you are not well known.

  2. Loran Blood says:

    Science qua science seems to be in decline throughout the West, including in America, and although AGW ideology has been a main driver of that decline for about twenty five years, I think the general deterioration of our K-12 public education system, as well as the intellectual value of a college education, even in the sciences and attempting to educate people who have come through that K-12 system, is also at its root.

  3. Noel Herron says:

    Hi leave in the north of the U.K. And it’s great to see you inject some sanity into the propaganda insanity that is going on . I have a small farm and I keep a weather diary I have just a few rudimentary instruments but when I analyse the last ten years the temperature seems to be falling and the cold months extending. When I listen to BBC ranting about the warmest day ever in the it must have been in someone green house . In my district the temperature barely rise above 21c . Most morning when I’m working with the stock it 10c or 11c. This year we just about covered our winter feed requirements , obviously this people don’t live in the same world I live in. Any saw you in Australia great stuff. I admire you work tremendously. Very kind regards Noel

  4. KevinPaul says:

    For the last few years as a winter project I’ve download the global sea surface data and graphed the raw data without the fudge smudge factor to see for myself what the rate of change is, and for years now it has all been steady as she goes nothing to be alarmed over.
    What I find alarming is we now need to give our personal details over to NASA and generate a login persona to be able to download the data. I think it is the first step to a lock-down system where only the approved have access to the facts, everyone else is feed the bullshit and kept in the dark like mushrooms.

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