Only One Tee Time Left In Australia

Call soon – the golfing is awesome.

Snow Cams | Hotham Alpine Resort

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3 Responses to Only One Tee Time Left In Australia

  1. Stewart Pid says:

    What …. no snarky Griff comment about how there is no snow and ice anywhere now?

  2. Ernest Bush says:

    Give him/her some time.

  3. Darag says:

    Hi Tony,

    Do you know anything about this?

    From the bottom of this news page:

    “Brandolino said from midweek a rare phenomenon known as a sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) event could take place.

    Importantly, it had the potential to mess with a ring of stormy and freezing weather that encircles Antarctica, which was at its strongest at this time of year – and which was known better as the polar vortex dubbed the “beast from the east” – threatening to send a series of cold blasts from the North Pole to Western Europe and the UK, along with the east coast of the United States.

    While this swirling, freezing air mass was usually effective at keeping harsh, wintry conditions locked up close to the pole, an SSW could help weaken or displace it in the stratosphere.
    This sent those cold masses filtering down on to the tropospheric polar vortex, potentially influencing our own weather patterns.”

    It’s cold and snowing because it’s warmer doesn’t make sense to me but that’s what I’m hearing from the warmists

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