Coolest Year On Record Continues

The frequency of hot days has plummeted in the US over the last 80 years. This year will easily be the lowest on record after the last four months of the year get counted.

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25 Responses to Coolest Year On Record Continues

  1. Bob Hoye says:

    The permanent Polar Vortex?

  2. Francis C Howland Jr. says:

    Mr, Heller we* must be “Over The Target” and doing damage! Why? The NOAA has released a NEW”Hottest Month In History” for July 2019, and the ABC radio “News”claimed the “Global Temperatures” were 1.2 degrees hotter then any July in the last 180 years! which is NOT what the NOAA statement said! More FAKE NEWS!!!

  3. Dumbunny says:

    Half an hour ago I just heard a news report on the radio that July was the hottest July ever recorded. The announcer also mentioned that June was also the hottest June ever recorded. More fake news!

  4. Stewart Pid says:

    Snow in the forecast for Alberta this weekend …. the Grifftard will say it is slushy, weak first year snow ;-) …. GLO-BULL warming my snowy Albertan ASS!!

    August snow is always proof of warming eh Griff …. or is it climate change snow caused by how warm it is??? Please educate us Griff.

  5. FrogTongue says:

    Just heard the news . . . yup, warmest year on record; July was warmest eva! The news reader even said records go back to 1880’s.

    As RCS has pointed out, no longer any compunction (not that there ever was) about bald face lying. Yesterday, it was nothing but talk of recession, today it’s warmest year on record. We of course being in the catbird seat, through the efforts of Tony and others, see all.

  6. TomRude says:

    July 2019 officially the hottest month ever recorded…”Last month’s temperatures narrowly topped the previous July record, set in 2016, by 0.03 C”.

    0.03C????? A joke.

  7. mike says:

    Wow, an article by climate deniers. how impressive, NOT. Hottest records piling up everywhere. I hope all the deniers are the first to get wiped out.

    • tonyheller says:

      Your comment is typical of the non-existent thought process and mindless hate of climate thugs.

    • TeaPartyGeezer says:

      You are far more gullible than is good for you.

      Can’t find it in myself to feel sorry for you, however, with your stated desire to see me dead. But I’m curious, what do you think is going to happen to us? Are we going to be killed by mildly warmer nights? How would that work, exactly?

    • Nicholas McGinley says:

      Half a debree warmer than the 1980 to 2010 average, most of which is nighttime warming, and this will kill people how?
      Do you have any knowledge of how hot it used to be, back 80, 100, 120 years ago and more, when no one had an air conditioner, no one had a fan (ok, maybe a few people had fans by 80 years ago), and people had lived like that forever?
      There is no place and no time on the Earth where hot weather can kill a healthy person.
      Cold, on the other hand, is more than enough to kill the hardiest human, for much or all of the year, over a majority of the Earth’s surface area.
      Large parts of the planet are so cold that a person with no shelter and inadequate clothing over every part of the body, will be dead in minutes.
      The Earth has been as cold or colder than the present time for a tiny fraction of the time since life has existed here.
      But slight warming is the end of the world?
      A person has to be a totally brain dead ignoramus to believe that even makes any sense, let alone is a reality that may come to pass.
      It is not a real possibility.
      At all.
      It is a fever dream fed by an endlessly repeated lie to ill-educated dupes.
      It is very close to the exact opposite of what the real danger is: Global cooling culminating in a return to full ice age reglaciation.

      The only belief that even comes close to this as proof positive of one or more of mental illness, extremely low IQ, complete lack of any relevant education, or a total lack of ability to think critically or independently, is thinking that people have ever been and are now in possession of any ability to control the weather of a planet.

      • SJT says:

        “There is no place and no time on the Earth where hot weather can kill a healthy person.
        Cold, on the other hand, is more than enough to kill the hardiest human, for much or all of the year, over a majority of the Earth’s surface area.”

        Great observation Nicholas

      • A-A-RON says:

        What about heat stroke?

    • Gator says:

      Climate deniers? Not us, we recognize the climates always change, as the post above verifies. Why is it that you are not intelligent enough to recognize this simple fact? Is it genetics?

      Mikey, cold records are also piling up. The longer a data set runs, the more likely it is that you will see new records. This is understood by most people. What is your excuse? And why do you clowns deny science and nature?

  8. Bob G. says:

    Hottest records piling up? Where? Not in Minneapolis which averages about thirteen 90 degree days every year. So far this year 4 and none in the ten day forecast. My AC hardly runs this summer. If Punk Mike had a brain he would know that upper Midwest farmers are praying for hotter weather so the corn crop can mature. They fear an early frost. Translation – Heat good. Cold bad!

  9. Don says:

    It rains a lot, AGW.

    It doesn’t rain enough, AGW.

    It is too hot for crops, AGW.

    It isn’t hot enough for crops, AGW.

    No snow, AGW.

    Too much snow, AGW.

    Heatwave, AGW.

    Cold spell, AGW.

    Climate science at work.

  10. Dave says:

    Tony – do you have a link to the USHCN data you’ve often cited, from ~1880 until now? On NOAA’s site all I can seem to find are very limited data sets – and it would take a few hundred attempts to reconstruct this history using their interface…

    • Fredd says:

      Totally agree.

      I love Tony’s videos and blog posts. But I want to reconstruct the data myself to prove that Tony is for real.

      How do I do this?

  11. Fred says:

    It would be good to the equivalent graph for the number of cold days

  12. Tam says:

    Thank you! We barely had a summer i WI this year yet Im supposed to believe it was the hottest ever? I was wearing a winter coat in JUNE and by mid August no more 80’s. No more beach weather.

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