Thank You Twitter

I’ve picked about about 300 new Twitter followers since they started censoring me four days ago. I don’t have a lot of respect for people who think they can alter reality via dirty tricks.

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8 Responses to Thank You Twitter

  1. Stewart Pid says:


  2. Spuyten Duyvil says:

    For those of you who do not tweet, nor have any desire to sign up, it is possible to periodically “follow” Tony by bookmarking the URL for his Twitter account. For when they let him out of jail, that is.

    • Tel says:

      A built-in RSS feed exists in most websites. If you have a phone app that handles RSS feeds (many do) then drop this in the slot …

      Older and better technology than Twitter and you get a lot more choices about how you prefer to read the stuff. Search on “RSS reader app” and there’s plenty available.

  3. Greg Burton says:

    You’re lucky. At least you can still post. Twitter suspended my account. Permanently.

  4. Andy says:

    Obviously you did not mean your comment literally, it is a shame people took it out of context knowing it was meant that way to score a point.

    Hopefully it will be corrected at some point. Good luck.

    I’ve given up with twitter, as the saying going “there’s nothing as funny as folk” and when you go on twitter you get this fully as no editorial control of the madness.


  5. rah says:

    I know why your on twitter Tony. It’s almost a necessity for what you do. Believe me when I say I’m thankful I don’t have to swim in that particular sewer.

  6. Bleucor says:

    I got banned about a week ago – they want me to delete a few tweets and give them a phone number. They can keep Twitter, I don’t need it.

  7. MGJ says:

    Even if Twitter as a company didn’t behave the way it does, I still think it makes the world a nastier place. The character limit is perfect for people with no argument to make but just want to be unpleasant.

    So many people I grew up respecting – not heroes perhaps but people I genuinely thought had achieved something worthwhile – get their Twitter account and Bam! it has all died. Turns out he was just another dickhead ranting about something he knows nothing about or wishing to visit harm upon some group he doesn’t much like.

    It seems to be a law of nature that all famous people think we give a toss about their views on politics.

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