Bill Gates : Mathematics Is Racist

Using the new Windows calculator, zero wind plus zero solar equals 100% supply.

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5 Responses to Bill Gates : Mathematics Is Racist

  1. arn says:

    I knew math is racist the moment i realised that muslims stole their numbers from the hindhus.

    Those racist hindhus,chinese and muslims.
    Those racist aztecs and maya indians.
    The egypt nazis who built the pyramids.
    The white supremacists of Sumer and Babylon.

    At least the extreme racist Bill Gates who used white mathematics and codes
    and innovations as computers and who stole his codes from other white guys
    to built microsoft
    is finally paying for his crimes.

    Now i’m waiting for the same loone….experts to declare letter and gramma racist.
    People who believe in AGW have for sure no problems believing in racist math,89 genders and other mandatory stupidities for the modern NWO lemming.

    • Richard says:

      Watch the 2018 version of Fahrenheit 451 & latest of George Orwell’s 1984 – its VERY Scary what the Rich can do to control the Conservatives until the Left takes over –

    • G W Smith says:

      So true.
      It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world indeed.
      And I’m worried for my kids.

  2. toorightmate says:

    Now that we have 32 genders, we should change binary codes.
    How can 2 items (on and off) which are the foundation of binary codes possibly be appropriate now that 2 genders has expanded to 32 genders (2power5!!!!!).
    What is the skin colour of “on” and Off”?

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