Droughts And Floods In Australia

“Although New South Wales is not subject to the periodical showers of the tropics, a large quantity of rain falls throughout the year; hitherto the colony has been visited by a drought about every twelve years; the last one continuing from 1826 to 1829, during which period, little or no rain fell”

p6 – 26 Oct 1837 – The Colonist (Sydney, NSW : 1835 – 1840) – Trove


“1850 was all but rainless. Victoria and Tasmania were dried up, and on Black Thursday, 6th February,. 1851, the Barrabool Hills and great part of Victoria were swept by a fierce northern hurricane that “boxed” the scattered bush fires into one awful whole.”

19 Aug 1882 – DROUGHTS. – Trove

11 Jul 1935 – DROUGHTS AND FLOODS – Trove

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  1. arn says:

    Who would have thought that a desert country suffers from draughts(and floods as result of dry hard surface that can not absorb rain,and that s why more people drown in deserts,than die from thirst)

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