Record Low August Burn Acreage

August burn acreage in the US is down 90% from ten years ago as the western US is having one of the wettest summers on record. As is normally the case, the press is reporting the exact opposite of reality.

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  1. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Wasn’t it back in June they expected a huge fire year because of the drought….that ended up totally reversing itself and now it’s wetter than normal? I got over 2” of rain today in West Tn and would really like it to dry out a few days so I can finish some yard work. It’s also been rather pleasant temperature wise.
    Here’s something else they were wrong about. I wonder if this clown is going to rehire all those he fired in Rhode Island for not taking the vax, and give them back pay?
    They just can’t bring themselves to admit they were wrong and apologize……

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