“fossil fuel disinformation”

Free speech on Twitter has made it more difficult for green energy scamsters to misinform the public, and they are upset about it.

“Noticed that pro-climate-action accounts were stagnating or shrinking, and that denier accounts seemed to be ballooning. So – I checked, with some help, and….yep. Elon Musk has made Twitter into a safe space for pro-fossil fuel disinformation.

2:55 PM · Mar 28, 2023

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11 Responses to “fossil fuel disinformation”

  1. arn says:

    It is the only logical outcome of truth that the number of liars is stagnating while the number of truthtellers is skyrocketing once the liars are no longer controlling the plattform.
    This isn’t only limited to global warming or twitter,
    but also to wars,vaccines and election results as soon as integrity returns.

    The difference between climate deniers and climate liars is
    that ‘deniers’ do not need Censorship,intimidation,secret services,George Soros,Bill Gates,coordinated MSM attacks to protect
    climate,degenerated presidents,pharma etc.

  2. Bob Gutjahr says:

    What are the bases? If climate alarmist tweets were widely available and popular, I would expect growth to be small since the base would be large.

    If climate deniers were suppressed, I would expect the base to be small, so any growth would appear to be large.

    This looks like a classic example of lying with statistics.

  3. Gamecock says:

    ‘safe space for pro-fossil fuel disinformation’

    So refute what they say, dumbass. Making them just go away solved nothing.

  4. GWS says:

    Where are you, Tony? You should have been on the top of the list. So long cutting you down your missing bounce back is proof you present the greatest threat. It will come.

  5. The general public recognizes the climate hoax for what it is. Now they are allowed to express their opinions. The propaganda campaign has failed.

  6. conrad ziefle says:

    Excellent investigation, Ketan. You’ve lifted my spirits. I always knew that if people had the chance to hear both sides, they would be able to figure out who is lying, and your investigations proves it. Good work. And no, I probably won’t go to Twitter and seek out his account and post that. He’s not worth the trouble.

  7. Crispin Pemberton-Pigott says:

    His research sounds like backbiting presented as information. That he cannot tell the difference and we can tells us all where this is going, long term.

    Notice that it is always “pro-fossil fuels” as if that was important as an identifier. How about we use “physical facts and logical analysis” as a substitute for calumny and infantile bias?

    Poor Greta. She has a granted PhD in a belief system to which her father adheres. More child exploitation.

  8. Francis Barnett says:

    It must be really hard for Ketan to realise that all his years of fraudulent disinformation on climate are starting to look like a tawdry fairy tale told for thirty pieces of silver.

  9. Bill says:

    Just wait until they tell everyone that they CAN’T recharge their car in the evening or at night. This is the exact opposite of what everyone was told five years ago. You can’t imagine how convenient it is to charge at home; you’ll always have a full car, and you’ll never need to visit a gas station.

    Now, they want you to charge during the day, when you’re driving to work or to shop. Which means you will not only be searching for a parking spot, you’ll be searching for a parking spot that ALSO has a charger!

    You’ll long for the days when every week or two you could just fill ‘er up in ten minutes.

    These climate scamsters want control – first control over energy, then control over your use of energy, and then finally control over you.

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