1980 – The Dawn Of Time

NOAA cleverly started their trend during the 1980’s pluvial, which was the wettest and snowiest decade for 500 years in much of the country.

2,500 Years of Hydroclimate Variability in New Mexico, USA

“On this day in 1983, Review-Journal readers were treated to front-page news (with a large photo!) about the lake nearing capacity. In fact, the lake was so full that the Hoover Dam’s spillways were opened weeks earlier on July 3, creating a show for tourists. It was the first time the spillways had been opened since 1941. The dam opened in 1936.

The Bureau of Reclamation said the lake reached its highest elevation of 1,225.85 feet on July 24, 1983.”

Hoover Dam opens spillways in July 1983 — PHOTOS | Local Las Vegas | Local

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  1. WF says:

    Tony, do you know much about Mark Steyn’s trial in his case against Michael Mann? Would enjoy reading/watching your analysis and expectations.

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