“Climate change has killed 4 million people since 2000”

Death rates from natural disasters are down 95% over the past century, but the press wants people to believe the exact opposite.

“Climate change has killed 4 million people since 2000 — and that’s an underestimate”

Climate change has killed 4 million people since 2000 — and that’s an underestimate | Grist

“Disasters include all geophysical, meteorological and climate events including earthquakes, volcanic activity, landslides, drought, wildfires, storms, and flooding.”

Natural Disasters Data Explorer – Our World in Data

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16 Responses to “Climate change has killed 4 million people since 2000”

  1. Disillusioned says:

    We know, based on articles we have seen lately, some people are harmed – extremely worried or panicked about Climate Change™. If climate disinformation like that crap above causes harm, it should be a punishable crime.

  2. arn says:

    60 + million people die per year,
    and these dudes are able to track down the 0.25% related to climate?

    How was it even possible to do so when this calculation happened during the warming hiatus(and just 2 decadesice age scare )
    and the last estimates happened during covid where every death was attributed to covid –
    to force the people to get the vaccine.
    And then death rate increased as result of the vaccine(but no dogooder scientist can be bothered with that) .

    According to macrotrends the death rate per thousand has decreased during the period of observation from 8.65 to 7.5 before Covid and is now at 7.7.
    While warming scare started at 10.1 in 1982.
    This decrease is of course a desaster – for Malthusians.

    Using shitty models to prove other shitty models right is a very bizarre approach.
    And it gets even more bizarre when they use hurricanes to prove a point
    while even the propagandists themselves admitted that hurricanes are at an all time low.

  3. conrad ziefle says:

    The world population has grown by how much since 2000? This is more Marxist BS disinformation.

  4. Peter Carroll says:

    Oh it’s only going to get worse. Andrew (Twiggy) Forrest from Oz, told COP28 that, “Fatal Humidity” could be more deadly than full scale war. Another “climate scientist” has spoken!

    • conrad ziefle says:

      I think you have top go back to the origins of these climate scientists. You can figure that over the last 30 years, many slightly bright youths became convinced by their mostly dull public school teachers that a climate disaster was in the making, and they all went to college with the good intentions of turning the climate disaster around. The colleges were more than happy to create a few dozen new special degrees to accommodate these youths. These degrees range from climate scientist, climatologists, climate change economists, climate change policy, bla bla bla. Of course with all this demand created a need for climate specialists to teach all these youths, but there weren’t that many. Demand exceeded supply and the universities had to reach way down for staffing. So you end up with a bunch of slightly intellect, poorly educated climate professionals. When you think about it, one wonders why anyone would major in climate anything, being that the title denotes an area of knowledge where new data are accumulating at the speed of a glacier.
      So they have to create new data to stay relevant, and that is what they do. Every one of them who is marginally employed is out there trying to become relevant by creating new theories based on their poor understanding of science.

      • Davel says:

        Well said. Universities, Colleges etc. teach people what to think, not how to think.

      • Peter Carroll says:

        30 Years? I’ve been subjected to this BS for over 50 years, I’m just short of 75.
        It started in the early 70’s with the advent of a, “New Ice Age”.

  5. Rah says:

    Pure trash.

  6. I note cardiovascular disease is included, which is interesting, since this has indeed increased following a certain medical intervention, which must not be mentioned, and cannot be blamed.

    • Rah says:

      Some pretty smart and motivated people are gathering the evidence and I think that eventually the CDC and FDA are going to be exposed. Just as Fauci and the lab leak has been. Not saying that anyone will be held accountable. Just that they will be identified as the scum that they are.

    • arn says:

      I further note that these guys always ignore 50% of the show,

      as once again the possibility of the benefits of warming are being completely ignored (just as with data adjustment they only know one direction).

      If people are killed by warming (which in itself is a crazy joke as a magnitude more people die from cold weather then warm weather )
      then some must have been saved by warmer temperature.
      And when we take a look by how much the world population has increased
      (just as food production )
      then one may get the idea that warming is way more beneficial than destructive.

  7. spren says:

    Anytime you see an article that is credited to “Grist” you can be guaranteed it is a huge pile of garbage.

  8. Neki says:

    Obviously, there has been technological progress which has allowed people to avoid dying of natural disasters, including those not caused by climate change, especially earth-quakes, which massively skews the overall numbers down.

    Take out the earth-quake numbers and see what you get then.

  9. Steve Cooksey says:

    Never mind the horse is dead, keep loading the wagon.


    • Jack the Insider says:

      I have just put in a modest solar system on my home roof. When it’s a modest cloudy day the nameplate capacity drops by around 60%. On a heavy cloudy day it drops by over 90%. And of course, at nighttime output drops to zero. You cannot possibly run a modern civilisation with this amount of uncertainty.

      • arn says:

        Once people figure out how many solar panels and windmills are needed to run a single flap100 watt lamp
        during a windless night – they will understand.

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