New York Times Recycling Old Glacier Stories

“As Switzerland’s Glaciers Shrink, a Way of Life May Melt Away
Rising temperatures and retreating glaciers threaten Europe’s water tower, forcing local farmers to adapt and presaging larger troubles downstream.”

As Switzerland’s Glaciers Shrink, a Way of Life May Melt Away – The New York Times

Here is the same story from 1930

“WORD comes from Switzerland that the Alpine glaciers are in full retreat. Out of 102 glaciers observed by Professor P. L. Mercanton of the University of Lausanne and his associates more than two- thirds have been found to be shrinking. Does this mean the approach of a warmer climate, such as swept over our globe thousands of years ago? Will palms, cypresses, magnolias, myrtles and olive trees thrive at the feet of the Adirondacks,  as they did in those distant days?”

TimesMachine: December 21, 1930 –

Same story from 1907

“Remarkable shrinkages have been going on among the Swiss glaciers, especially in the last two or three years. According to measurements, the great Rhone glacier, one of the sights of Switzerland—at least, it used to be— has lost in the last two years no less than 88,250 square feet, and others have been shortened by anywhere from 20ft. to 40ft. Among 63 instances 53 recessions were discovered, one glacier remained stationary, and nine had slightly increased.”

– December 13, 1907

13 Dec 1907 – SHRINKING GLACIERS. – Trove

And 1911

“Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW : 1895 – 1942), Thursday 18 May 1911, page 4


Glaciers are part of the romance of mountains; the very name gives the thrill of the lonely and high and awful even to those who are not quite sure what a glacier may be. There is grave news about glaciers; they are disappearing, it would seem. Swiss peasants who are not yet quite all modernised enough to think toy railways in harmony with the eternal hills, declare that the tourists who go to see the glaciers are the cause of the ruin. Wherever the mountain cars run the glaciers flee. A Kandersteg correspondent of the “Morning Post” gives some dreary particulars. For many years past exact observations have been taken of the movements of glaciers in the Alps. The results of last year’s records have just been published, and show that all the glaciers in the Rhone district of Switzerland are in retreat, some of them to an extent which may almost be described as alarming. For example, the Arolla glacier has receded 85ft. in the past 12 months; the Aletsch, the longest in the Alps, 65 feet; the Gorner glacier, 58 feet; the Zinal, 51 feet; while the Turtmann glacier, in the Zermatt range, and the Zanfleuren or Sanetsch glacier have retreated nearly 46 feet each. Within the last ten years the Zigiornuovo glacier has shrunk by as much as 904 feet, the Zanfleuren by 718 feet, the Aletsch by 459 feet, the Zinal by 378 feet, and the Gorner by 190 feet. Others all showed more or less shrinkage. In the short space of four years, moreover, the small Mont Bonvin glacier, in the Wildstrubel range, Bernese Oberland, has entirely disappeared from sight. Another glacier, the Plaine Morte, in the same region of the Alps, has revented a little lake in the course of its receding. It is clear that if any Australian hasn’t seen a glacier yet, he had better take the next boat.”

18 May 1911 – GRAVE NEWS ABOUT GLACIERS. – Trove

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2 Responses to New York Times Recycling Old Glacier Stories

  1. conrad ziefle says:

    I learned this summer that city folk actually pay farmers to be able to have the experience of living in the summer huts and managing the cattle, milking, making cheese etc. If global warming is a problem causing this system to vanish, then the EU should phase out the Swiss farmers, since conditions will end them anyway, instead of the Netherlands farmers and the Irish farmers and the German farmers, etc. Is it possible that the EU does things that are not logical?
    Oh, but Switzerland isn’t in the EU, hence their farmers are protected (somewhat) from the Nazis, just like before.

  2. DD More says:

    Old Glacier Stories being recycled by the NYSlimes.

    Hey, the pressitutes were out on strike and they had to fill the space between the ads.

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