Record Rainfall And Drought

The press says the western US is experiencing thousand year rainfall and five hundred year drought, and that increased soil moisture causes drought.

How Thousand-Year Storms Snuck Up On CA And Why We May Not Be Done | Los Angeles, CA Patch

“These hot temperatures have increased the soil moisture, which in turn has contributed to the severity and frequency of drought.”

Western US Seeing Extreme Weather ‘Unprecedented’ in 500 Years

The good news is that people in Colorado can overcome climate anxiety by pretending to be  a butterfly.

Overwhelmed by climate anxiety? Try becoming a butterfly (or pretending to) | Colorado Public Radio

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6 Responses to Record Rainfall And Drought

  1. Tony Taylor says:

    Doesn’t two thousand year storms in one year downgrade them to 500 year storms?
    And is there a way to work out whether a thousand year storm in the San Diego area occurred in, say, 1491?

  2. Trevor says:

    California is a huge area. A “thousand year event” refers to the scale of an event that occurs at a specific location. There are millions of locations in California. And there are many types of events: flood or drought or high or low temperature or rainfall or snowfall etc. And there are approximately 500 two month periods in a person’s lifetime. The chance that a place the size of California will experience 2 one-in-a-thousand-year events of some sort in back to back months is a near certainty within a person’s lifespan. Most people dont understand statistics at all.

  3. Richard E Fritz says:

    the Butterfly effect is about as credible as finding an Intelligent Liberal Greene

  4. arn says:

    Countering climate anxiety by becoming a Butterfly
    and causing potential hurricanes with every single flap
    and therefore worsening the climate change ???

    Modern psychology seems to be close friends with climate science.

  5. oeman50 says:

    CO2 is a magical gas. It causes both drought and flooding. So now we see through its magical powers, it can cause both simultaneously in one place! Mahvelous.

  6. Joe Johnson says:

    “Butterfly Effect”? Certain proof that these people never grew up or are completely insane.

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