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UN Wants To Dictate American Gun Rights

Obama wants us to get permission from the EU before we eat, adjust our thermostat or drive an SUV. The UN wants to ban guns globally, to prevent machete massacres like the one in Rwanda which the UN oversaw and … Continue reading

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Editorial : Start A National Registry Of Hammer Owners

According to FBI statistics, Americans are more likely to be murdered by a hammer than by a rifle. FBI — Expanded Homicide Data Table 11 The government needs to pass laws banning all future hammer sales. Existing hammers can be … Continue reading

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She Would Have Been 22 Years Old Now

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Coloradans Terrified Of The Federal Government

The prospect of tighter gun laws has gun sales soaring and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation remains flooded with requests for background checks on buyers. On a normal day a background check would take about 15 minutes, but the CBI … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Sea Level Falling – City To Drown

According to University of Colorado satellite data, sea level at Los Angeles has been falling since the start of records twenty years ago. ssh_anomaly.nc: Leading scientists say that this rise decline in sea level is going to drown coastal cities. … Continue reading

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Boulder Police Poaching Elk

The elk was fatally shot by an on-duty Boulder police officer, who has since been placed on paid administrative leave, pending the results of an internal investigation. A second off-duty officer, suspected of assisting in loading the animal’s body into … Continue reading

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Democrats Surprised That Their Leader Lied To Them

Obama has lied about almost everything for the last four years, and razor sharp Dems are just starting to notice. “What happened that my Social Security withholding’s in my paycheck just went up?” a poster wrote on the liberal site … Continue reading

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Hot Off The Press : Global Warming To Turn Humans Into Hobbits

EMBARGOED – Not for publication before 0001 GMT on Monday 7 January Hobbit-sized humans, able to exist on less nourishing food, will have the best chance of survival in a warmer world, scientists say. LONDON, 7 January – Animals, including humans, … Continue reading

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Is This What Drug Abuse Does To Liberals?

The rationale for printing the New York gun map was : “in the aftermath of Sandy Hook, parents need to know which houses have guns, so they can tell their kids not to play there” The shooting occurred in a … Continue reading

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US Government Sponsored Massacre Of 50 Million Children

No assault rifles were used in the murder of 50 million children in the US, but Obama insists that your tax money is used to finance this genocide.  

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