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Engineering For Success

My politically correct post for the day. The gym where I workout is extremely well planned. The weights are behind the aerobics equipment, so while you are lifting you have a great view of women in spandex climbing steps on the stairmaster. … Continue reading

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Hayhoe Hayhoe It’s Off To Work We Go

Katherine will have to take some time off from shoveling the marde, in order to shovel her driveway in Lubbock. Weather Street:Clouds and Precipitation Forecast Movie

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NOAA Defines Beautiful Weather As Extreme

NOAA claims that 2012 was the second most extreme weather in US history, despite a record low tornado count and the longest stretch since the Civil War without a major hurricane. They accomplished this by defining mild weather as extreme. I spent … Continue reading

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Worse Than They Expected

A few weeks ago NRDC told us that western skiing was doomed due to excessive heat and lack of snow. This can be easily seen at Wolf Creek, Colorado where the current temperature at 1:30 pm  is -13F. Web Cam … Continue reading

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A Remarkable 2012 Statistic

One statistic about 2012 which caught my attention was the huge ratio of record maximums to record minimums, which blew away the previous records set in 1998 and 1939. The reason that the 2012 had such a high average temperature … Continue reading

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Turn Your Weapons In – And The Government Will Take Care Of You

h/t to Erick Wodarz

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2012 Was The Second Hottest Year In The US After 1934

[Correction : the graph below is only for maximum temperatures. Average temperatures in 2012 were indeed warmer than 1934.] The final data is in, and a apples to apples comparison (using only the same set of all 821 GHCN HCN … Continue reading

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Report Shows That Climate Scientists Plan To Ramp Up The Lies

Global Warming: The United States Is Only Going To Get Hotter, Say Scientsts In what can only be described as an ominous start to the year, a 60-person federal advisory committee has released a draft report outlining the future of … Continue reading

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Arctic Moves To New Mexico And Colorado

Experts tell us that warm air is melting the Arctic, and then dipping south and freezing New Mexico solid. NOAA will have to do a ton of adjusting to get these temperatures up to where the government wants them to … Continue reading

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Australia Heatwave Update

I’m watching the Sydney v Melbourne soccer match right now. It is raining and everybody is bundled up. We are told that this is the worst heatwave in history. Joseph Reser, adjunct professor at Griffith University’s School of Applied Psychology, … Continue reading

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