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Stalin Established Gun Control – Right Before He Killed 50 Million People

Soviet Russia and the Soviet Union did not abolish personal gun ownership during the initial period from 1918 to 1929, and the introduction of gun control in 1929 coincided with the beginning of Stalin’s rule. Gun control – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Time To End The CARnage

Since the Sandy Hook massacre, more than three thousand Americans have died in brutal, horrific car accidents – and tens of thousands more have been injured. I haven’t heard about anyone being killed by a rifle since then, but I … Continue reading

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The End of The Beetle BS

Climate morons have been telling us that pine beetles are spawned by a lack of cold spells in the winter. This winter we are having near record cold out west, so they will have to come up with a new stupid theory … Continue reading

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Locating The Climate

So far in 2013, the climate has been located in the Eastern US and in Australia. During 2010, the climate was located in Moscow, but it has since moved. Twitter / RyanMaue: Thru mid-January, global temps …

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It Wasn’t Until They Did The Adjustments That They Realized The Climate Was Falling Apart

Prior to the year 2000, Hansen didn’t see any evidence that the climate was in trouble. Empirical evidence does not lend much support to the notion that climate is headed precipitately toward more extreme heat and drought. NASA GISS: Science … Continue reading

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Thin Air In Denver Affects The Democratic Governor

Colorado Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper last week called for background checks for all gun purchases. Gun-law push faces slow start in most states That is an ingenious idea, and one which was implemented decades ago.

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Katherine Hayhoe Outlines The Stupidity And Corruption Of Her Friends And Colleagues

The Hayhoe argument goes – we are all stupid and/or corrupt, so you must trust us. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs The reality is that there is virtually no debate among climate scientists on the following points: 1. The earth … Continue reading

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Cycling Accident Update

On August 27th, a friend broke his neck mountain biking northwest of Boulder. He has been in the hospital for five months, and finally came home yesterday. His mobility is extremely limited, but he can move his hands a little … Continue reading

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1930s Was By Far The Hottest Decade In The US

Untampered NOAA thermometer data shows that the past decade tied for the second hottest with the 1950s, and was much cooler than the 1930s. The pattern of warming is nearly identical to the first half of the last century.

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Penguins Join The Fight Against Global Warming

You can have my shotgun when you pry it from my collapsing ice sheet.

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