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NRDC Forecast Verification

On December 7, NRDC forecast the end of Utah skiing. Over the following three weeks after their forecast of doom, Alta received an average of one inch of snow every five hours. Alta Ski Area | SNOWFALL HISTORY

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Feinstein To Force You To End Global Warming

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs Feinstein hates humans and believes that all aspects of their lives need to be controlled and contained. Californians return her to the senate over and over again, because they have no self-respect. Global Warming: A Time to … Continue reading

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Journal News Should Terminate Themselves

The Journal News has determined that everyone who protects themselves by possessing a gun is a hard core criminal. Now that they are protecting themselves with guns, the paper should self-terminate their parasitic existence as a felonious organization.

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Turn Off Your Electricity And Gas And Stop Driving Your Car, Stupid

America is in a deep freeze and fossil fuels are keeping millions of people alive. McKitten is all excited at the idea of cutting off everybody else from this essential commodity. Bill should travel on wind powered aircraft and tweet … Continue reading

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Bitter People Who Cling To Fear Of Guns And Global Warming Religion

Obama had it backwards (as always.) The bitter people are the ones who worship the false religion of global warming, and fear guns. The rest of us are having a great time. When I was driving back to Fort Collins … Continue reading

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The Safest School In America

The NRA proposed that armed policeman guard our most precious asset. Piers Morgan and the rest of his communist progressives then had a world class temper tantrum, because the NRA idea made perfect sense. The youngsters who survived the massacre at Sandy … Continue reading

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Skiing Devastation In Vermont

Experts tell us that global warming has destroyed skiing in McKitten’s home state. Sugarbush Web Cam & Daily Photo Gallery

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Bering Sea Ice Was Normal Or Above Every Day In 2012

Climate experts tell us that Alaska is the fastest heating place on Earth, and is the global warming canary in the coal mine. Temperatures in Alaska have dropped more than two degrees this century, and they had normal or above … Continue reading

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Wrecking US History

Progressives are on the war path rewriting US history, because the real history doesn’t serve their political objectives. (3) Bill McKibben (billmckibben) on Twitter The closest GHCN HCN station to Chicago is at Aurora. Their warmest year was 1931. More … Continue reading

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Shortage Of Death Trains Threatened China

BEIJING, Jan. 11 (Xinhua) — China was still suffering from coal shortage because of the lingering cold weather and electricity rationing continued in five provinces and municipalities, including the country’s major coal producer Shanxi Province. As of Sunday, coal reserves … Continue reading

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