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2012 Had The Least Severe Weather In US History

According to the Storm Prediction Center, there was a record low in the number of tornado and severe weather watches issued for 2012. Since moving into their Norman, OK office in 1997, there has never been as few watches as … Continue reading

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Human Footprint Of Global Warming Found

Heavy snow forecast this week along the Mexico, Texas, New Mexico border. Weather Street:Clouds and Precipitation Forecast Movie

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Senate Makes Last Minute Deal To Continue Path Towards Bankruptcy

Terrified of the possibility of behaving responsibly, the US Senate has chosen to continue to push the US over the financial cliff. This pleases Obama and Soros greatly. Soros makes his living by making currencies collapse, and destroying the US … Continue reading

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Antarctic Sea Area Ice Above Normal Every Day In 2012

Antarctic sea ice area averaged more than seven thousand Manhattans above normal in 2012, and was above normal every single day of the year. Climate experts blame this on humans, just as they blame missing Arctic ice on humans. They … Continue reading

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Greenland Ends The Year With Some Of The Coldest Weather Ever Recorded

summit:status:weather On December 29 they hit -78F, five degrees above the coldest temperature ever recorded there. NASA is only interested in a couple of days during the summer when temperatures got barely above freezing for a couple of hours.

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Climate Moron Of The Year : Michael Bloomberg

It is always a tough call deciding if Diane Feinstein or Michael Bloomberg is the stupidest person alive. Bloomberg knows that global warming caused Sandy, because of the record snow and blast of cold that came with it. File:Hurricane Sandy … Continue reading

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Year Ends With Record Northern Hemisphere Snow

Record northern hemisphere snow was caused by a missing ice cube in the Arctic, or the ozone hole, or an overheated atmosphere, or whatever brain damaged idea the climate science community came up with this week. Rutgers University Climate Lab :: … Continue reading

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Hottest Year Ever Update

Climate experts tell us that global warming has made the US  very hot, and has ruined our winters. HAMweather Climate Center – Record Events for The Past Week – Continental US View

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It’s The Psychos, Stupid

The Telegraph-Herald – Google News Archive Search

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Phone Recycling

I got a new (used) hunting bow for Christmas and used it to recycle my broken LG phone.

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