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The 1930s Were The Hottest And Driest Years In The US

  http://www1.ncdc.noaa.gov/ NCDC says that 1930s were the driest years, much drier than the present. Contiguous U.S., Palmer Modified Drought Index (PMDI), 24-Month Period Ending in December, 1896-2012 The EPA says that the 1930s were the hottest years www.epa.gov/climate/climatechange/pdfs/print_heat-waves.pdf NASA … Continue reading

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Bank Of America Should Show They Are Serious About Eliminating Legal Guns

Bank of America is withholding deposits to legal FFL gun dealers accounts, because they believe guns are evil. They should back up their beliefs by removing all armed security, and posting gun free zone signs on their banks.

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NOAA Temperature Fraud Expands (Part 2)

Climate Central shows 1998 hotter than 1934. Note the green horizontal line below NOAA: 2012 Hottest & 2nd-Most Extreme Year On Record | Climate Central But in 1999, NASA showed 1934 much warmer than 1998. NASA GISS: Science Briefs: Whither … Continue reading

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Shock News : Climate Is Cyclical And Unpredictable

Some years are hot and dry. Other years are cool and wet. Droughts and floods occur at the same locations in different years – sometimes in the same year, like Australia in 1850. It has been like that since the … Continue reading

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“What’s happening to our climate?”

The real question is what happened to James Hansen? By James Hansen, Reto Ruedy, Jay Glascoe and Makiko Sato — August 1999 What’s happening to our climate? Was the heat wave and drought in the Eastern United States in 1999 a sign … Continue reading

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Abnormal Distributions And The Bell Shaped Conehead

Alarmists are aliens pretending to be from France Eugene Robinson says : Hurricanes striking where they don’t usually strike, fires burning where they don’t usually burn, drought everywhere — these anomalies begin to add up. Scientists have long told us … Continue reading

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The New Post-Normal

The climate witch-burning community (NASA, NOAA, McKibben, Romm, etc.) has failed to produce any evidence of actual climate change or global warming, so they have adopted a new strategy. They focus on every weather event, declare it to be the worst … Continue reading

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The Rationale For Murdering 50 Million Babies

The rationale for murdering 50 million babies in the US is that they weren’t wanted. Who else isn’t wanted – and can be disposed of? The Nazis killed far fewer people than Planned Parenthood.

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Using Fear As A Weapon Against The US

The constant drumbeat of fear being generated by politicians bears no resemblance to reality. There has been no global warming for 16 years, major hurricane strikes are approaching an all-time low, and you are more likely to be murdered with … Continue reading

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NOAA Temperature Fraud Expands (Part 1)

Aaron Huertas, a spokesman for the Union of Concerned Scientists, argued that the debate over the adjustments misses the bigger picture. “Since we broke the [temperature] record by a full degree Fahrenheit [relative to 1998] this year, the adjustments are … Continue reading

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