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Global Warming Strikes San Diego

NOAA says that man-made CO2 has overheated the atmosphere over the eastern US (mysteriously missing the rest of the world.) Californians Deal With Freezing Temps, Snow – ABC News

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US Maximum Temperatures In Decline

The four hottest years in the US (measured by average maximum temperature) were 1934, 1921, 1931 and 1939. Maximum temperatures have dropped a degree over the last ninety years.

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What Should I Do?

I spent last winter outside Baltimore and this winter outside Denver. Who should I support???? I don’t like football, so I went to the range with my new hunting bow for an hour and am now watching a replay of … Continue reading

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New Legal Precedent From DC!

DC attorney general says it is now legal to break the law as long as you don’t physically injure anyone! The attorney general for the District of Columbia, Irvin Nathan, announced Friday that he will not press charges against NBC … Continue reading

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Can Peyton Manning Take The Heat?

Temperatures are maxing out for the day at -9C, about 16C below normal. Will the Broncos be another victim of runaway global warming? http://wxug.us/1093e

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Current Decade Is The Fourth Hottest In The US Since 1920

  [update – this graph is wrong, the current decade is #2 not #4 will update later.] According to the measured thermometer data, the hottest decade in the US was the 1930s – followed by the 1940s and 1950s. Despite … Continue reading

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NOAA : Turning A Cooling Trend Into A Strong Warming Trend

Raw NOAA US temperature data shows that US temperatures have been cooling for 90 years, and that 2012 is tied with 1921 at 55.3 degrees. NOAA then takes this data and massages it into a strong warming trend, with 2012 … Continue reading

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“Sitting back and doing nothing is just not good policy anymore”

An Ohio school district has chosen to take the NRA’s advice and protect their children. MONTPELIER, Ohio — Janitors at Montpelier Exempted Village Schools are equipped with brooms, sponges, and dustpans to keep classrooms, corridors, and bathrooms clean and tidy. … Continue reading

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We Have Never Had A Civilian Perform A Heart Transplant

Diet and exercise prevents millions of cases of heart disease every year, but no civilian has ever performed a heart transplant. Lefties would tell us that means diet and exercise are useless. Compare vs this logic. Ed Schultz: “We’ve Never … Continue reading

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The Y2K Data Hackers At NASA

In 1999, NASA showed 1934 0.6C warmer than 1998 in the US NASA GISS: Science Briefs: Whither U.S. Climate? They tried to delete this graph in August, 2012 – and they also attempted to corrupt it on January 18, 2011 … Continue reading

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