Gun Control In Israel

Having learned from their European experience, Jews in Israel take a different approach to gun control.

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h/t to Dave Stealey

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23 Responses to Gun Control In Israel

  1. MikeTheDenier says:

    The “Obamacare Shock” – One California Employer’s Terrifying True Story

  2. Les Johnson says:

    Really, honey, I was looking at that girl’s gun. Nice gun, too.

  3. Colorado Wellington says:

    This puts “Keep Your Laws Off My Body” in a very different context.

  4. The Iconoclast says:

    Nice piece… No, I mean your firearm. Mine’s a Sig556, but we should see if our ammo is compatible.

  5. Larry Geiger says:

    Standing on the sidewalk outside the City of David exhibit in the shadow of the walls surrounding the dome of the rock I watched as a school bus pulled and dropped off a group of high school students. Most of whom were carrying their military issue rifle. The tour guide explained to us that ordinary citizens are the first defense when an attack comes. They are to hold their designated spot until the infantry arrives. Every male must carry his weapon with him all the time during his initial training period, including at school.

    • dbstealey says:

      …which explains the lack of shootings in Israel, which happen routinely in the gun-controlled U.S.

      If Americans regularly carried concealed weapons, random shootings/killings would decline by at least 90%.

  6. Steve Brown says:

    They’re some GOOD looking women!

    • Yeah, they have to pass fitness tests & stuff. Also, bacon double cheeseburgers are pretty much the antithesis of kashrut. Amazing what that’ll do for the physique.

      • Luke of the D says:

        Agreed… I keep meaning to go to the Holy Land just to see, you know, the Holy Land, but I have heard they have surprisingly good looking (and apparently well armed) women. One day.

  7. Gamecock says:

    I hope they issue the fine young ladies some magazines.

  8. ntesdorf says:

    You need that sort of unconcealed weaponry when you are surrounded by Arabs.

  9. Eric Barnes says:

    I had to look at the second picture to understand. The weapon in the first is effectively invisible.

  10. nigelf says:

    Funny, all that firepower among the populace and we never hear about shoot-em-ups over there.

  11. gator69 says:

    First they came for the automatic weapons, and I did not speak out–
    Because I did not own a machine gun.

    Then they came for the assault rifles, and I did not speak out–
    Because I had no AR-15.

    Then they came for the high capacity magazines, and I did not speak out–
    Because my gun only held 8 rounds.

    Then they came for my shotgun–and there was no one left to defend me.

  12. Eric Simpson says:

    Is she heading to class?
    No wonder in Israel there’s a trend toward grade inflation. Just kidding. A joke. Don’t mess with her!

  13. bonnie says:

    It is unfortunate that you would send out something this misleading on the eve of the first anniversary of the Newtown shooting.
    Israel, like most other countries in the developed world, has sensible gun control laws and considers gun ownership to be a privilege,
    not a right.

    • Teachers have rifles in Israel. The Sandy Hook shooting couldn’t have happened there. The principal had to wait 20 minutes for someone with a gun to show up and end the massacre.

      I used to ride my bicycle past the school on my way to work, and could have gotten there faster than the police did.

    • Jason Calley says:

      Bonnie, I would guess that we both agree that freedom of speech, freedom of religion (or lack thereof), freedom to assemble are rights. Do you not think that self defence is a right?

      • bonnie says:

        Just as with free speech, there are limits to your rights in order to protect the right of others to be safe from harm.
        Re: Israel:
        Gun licenses must be renewed every three years and permits are given only for personal use, not for business in the firearms sale while holders for self-defense purposes may own only one handgun, and may purchase a maximum of fifty rounds a year, except for those shot at firing ranges. Gun ownership in Israel is considered a privilege and not a right.

        • Gamecock says:

          So how do these rules “protect the right of others to be safe from harm?”

        • If the teachers at Sandy Hook were armed like Israeli teachers, the massacre wouldn’t have happened. period.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          As much as you’ll try to blame them, my rights have never, and will never, hurt anyone. Criminality, incompetence, and immorality does the hurting. Kinda like the immorality of you believing your viewpoints should have jurisdiction over mine, when I’ve hurt noone. The very reason our rights are beyond government, and your, jurisdiction.

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