It Took Nuttercelli Less Than An Hour To Delete This Comment

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Global warming since 1997 more than twice as fast as previously estimated, new study shows | Dana Nuccitelli | Environment |

They are now blocking all of my comments, like Nazi book burners. The Guardian should be ashamed of themselves, pretending to be champions of free speech.

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14 Responses to It Took Nuttercelli Less Than An Hour To Delete This Comment

  1. Joseph says:

    Which part of the comment rules did you supposedly break? Mere disagreement doesn’t count.

  2. Bob722 says:

    I guess it’s quite clear that only comments in the affirmative are allowed, but those in a negative vein are too shrill for their tender readers sensibilities…

  3. ozspeaksup says:

    Curiously naming myself whatwarming and putting a dissenting comment for my First post on the aus version of this rag has ALL my comments being premodded and exactly zero of them published.
    at the same time this pack of so called journos..keep sledging the murdoch press:-)
    cant say I reckon Murdochs that free, fair or that balanced either…but they DO print dissent!
    even odder was the mass of antiwarmist posts that DID get printed online regarding the canadians and aus PM refuting the waraw farce, 10,000 plus attendees and only 134 are actually the mouthpieces for their nations, hell of a lot of green I commented and was deleted, but many many more said the same and got it published:-)
    quite a change.

  4. Katabasis says:

    Yep, he deleted this one of mine too – only the second comment in and racking up the most recommends at the time:

  5. Larry Fields says:

    “… twice as fast …”

    From the True but Misleading Department:
    200% of nothing is nothing.

  6. If the previous estimate was about zero, what’s twice as fast as that?

  7. I’ve had five or six different IDs on Comment Macht Frei. Now they won’t even let me sign up any more. Which is good – life is too short to waste there, it’s Arsehole Central.

  8. David Wozney says:

    Well, at least Reuters published my comment to this article here.

  9. GISS do count the whole of the polar areas, by infilling with their 1200km smoothing guesswork.

    And even they show no warming.

  10. There is another issue with HADCRUT. While they might not have full coverage of the Arctic, they have even less in Antarctica, where temperatures have been declining in the last decade or so.

  11. kirkmyers says:

    Any opinions or data that challenge or undermine the global warming theory are verboten in left-wing publications like The Guardian. They refuse to acknowledge that their pet theory has been thoroughly discredited. Over the past two decades, Mother Nature has refused to cooperate with highly touted general circulation models (GCMs) that predict runaway CO2-induced warming.
    Their dire forecasts have failed miserably as global temperatures during the past 17 years have leveled off and are now on a slight decline.

    This fact should come as no surprise. Most climate scientists worthy of the label are aware that this planet is now approaching the end of the current interglacial period — the Holocene Epoch. The warmth that has comforted mankind for millenia will come to end and a long period of glaciation will ensue. Global warming, which has many benefits, has been a boon to civilization. It is the approaching global cool-down we should be worried about as the sun’s activity continues a decline we haven’t seen in two centuries.

    Instead, purveyors of the AGW theory continue to regurgitate the “argument from authority” — that a consensus of scientists agrees that global warming is a threat, while forgetting, of course, that scientific advancement is a product of rigorous experimentation and research. New and old theories are constantly challenged and scrutinized.

    Good scientists are by nature skeptics. They spend most of their time advancing new theories and challenging cherished hypotheses. Scientific advancement is not a product of “consensus.”

  12. Galvanize says:

    Since Drillbit Dana turned up at CiF most sceptical commenters have been moderated out of existence. I haven`t been banned, but I am on pre mod and it is virtually impossible to get anything posted.

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