Record Flooding Caused By Climate Scam Of The Week

Experts blame flooding on global warming.


With the English countryside underwater from some of the worst flooding on record, the British government found that “an increasing body of evidence” ties this type of event to manmade global warming.

British Government: Flood Crisis Consistent With Global Warming

In 1974, experts blamed flooding on global cooling.

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TIME Magazine Archive Article — Another Ice Age? — Jun. 24, 1974

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40 Responses to Record Flooding Caused By Climate Scam Of The Week

  1. Lance says:

    dang…i thought all this time it was weather!

  2. Sundance says:

    Freedman’s boss at Mashable was candid in a public statement that he hired him specifically for the purpose of “tying” weather to global warming. Do we really need another outlet to promote the ‘Fanaticism Of The apocalypse’?

  3. Justa Joe says:

    Ah… the old “an increasing body of evidence” ruse

    You can say the same thing for the existence of Big Foot

    • Gamecock says:

      You beat me to it. If you have evidence, you have evidence. An “increasing body” means you don’t. Just more theories.

      • Louis Hooffstetter says:

        In the case of Big Foot, an “increasing body of evidence” means more plaster foot print casts. In climate science it means additional climate models or model runs.

        They’re equally convincing.

  4. gator69 says:

    “Britain is heading for water shortages and crop failures as extreme droughts like that of 1976 become more frequent, experts have warned.

    A Met Office study on how climate change could affect the frequency of extreme droughts in the UK has found they will become more common by 2100, and to put the droughts in context, conditions seen in 1976 were used as a benchmark – one of the worst droughts on record.

    The Met Office climate model was used to run a number of simulations and in the worst case scenarios, extreme droughts could happen once every decade – making them about 10 times more frequent than today.”

    Settled science.

    • DS says:

      ““Britain is heading for water shortages and crop failures as extreme droughts like that of 1976 become more frequent, experts have warned.”

      Wait a minute… 1976?

      Uhm, 1976 is roughly 10 years before they saw their supposed “catastrophic Global Warming.”

      So they are saying “Global Warming” is causing pre-Global Warming like conditions in Britain? Seriously?

  5. A Met Office study indicaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  6. Sundance says:

    Let no disaster go to waste when it can be used to promote one’s ideology.

    ‘UK storms should be catalyst for climate change treaty, says Ed Davey’

  7. D. Self says:

    The world Communists will never stop their propaganda.

  8. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    or for what really happened,

    Eco Zealots + Pernicious Government Weenies = Screw people over because Gaia must be appeased.

    • Gamecock says:

      Eeko Zealots

      There, I fixed it for you.

    • Tel says:

      Yeah, you beat me to it. Those Midland Flats are artificially drained land, the result of human intervention. Lately there has been a persistent government intervention, by not dredging the rivers, and allowing water to collect they are gradually returning the land to its natural state.

      These floods were a matter of human choice, relating to drainage. They have nothing to do with Global Warming.

    • Tel says:

      Pressures and Drivers

      A conservation strategy has been written for the Avon River and its tributaries in 2003. In this document, the main pressures on the ecosystem of the Avon are pollution, fisheries (both commercial and recreational) and flood defence. These pressures come from a variety of drivers, namely agriculture, industry, fisheries, recreation and flood protection. Historical dredging has damaged the river ecosystem by destruction of habitats, loss of lateral connectivity, silting up of clean gravel habitats and unnatural river flows. At the location of Hale, the river is fast flowing with little flow variability within the channel. Historical land drainage works by dredging has made the channel too wide and deep with deposited spoil on the right and left banks. The hydrological connection with the floodplain was lost. The floodplains were used as grazing areas for cattle and sheep, slowing the development of a vegetation community which could facilitate a stable narrowing of the channel. In addition, the submerged macrophyte diversity is poor with a few dominating species.

      Due to the dredging, the river bed is dominated by poorly sorted fine gravel and sand, a substrate with very limited spawning opportunities and fry habitat for salmonid species. Since there was a lack of riparian shrubs and trees, there was very little large woody debris present in the stream and little shading.

      Global objectives

      The global objective of the STREAM demonstration project is to restore the River Avon Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Special Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI) to favourable conditions while addressing wider biodiversity issues outside the protected areas. Another important objective is increasing public awareness for the importance of the river and valley as natural heritage by improving public access.

      See also Ed Krug and his explanation of why the Green movement deified wetlands.

  9. phodges says:

    Huh. Last year Slingo said just opposite!

    Met Office chief scientist Julia Slingo said climate change was “loading the dice” towards freezing, drier weather — and called publicly for the first time for an urgent investigation.

  10. nollyprott says:

    There would appear to be strong historic lessons regarding the Co2 Scam and comparing the Cholera epidemics in London during the ” great stink ” which closed parliament as the Thames was so polluted ! Co2 warming like the ” Miasma ” was the same with the London Cholera epidemics in the 19th Century. It was the contaminated water supply all along, not foul smells as thought by the government experts. At least the top guy in question had the honour to admit that he had been wrong and everything he had believed was based on a falsehood !

  11. Andy OZ says:

    Another contender for Scam of the Week:

    CSIRO are saying its unprecedented and more evidence of CAGW, demonstrating that they have been infiltrated by alarmists and anyone who disagrees with their religion will be sacked. This from an organisation with a stellar history of scientific discovery and one with more technical patents than just about any other organisation. The alarmists have brought pseudo science and thus growing condemnation to CSIRO. Either the board does a clean out, or the government soon will, because they are getting sick and tired of the propaganda that they are putting taxpayers money into.

    News flash to CSIRO: Coral bleaching has happened over millennia and will happen again and CO2 has nothing to do with it. Anyone who says it does is a fraud and should be sacked, just like the Climate Commission was.

  12. Neil Dunn says:

    I just wanted to send you this link in case you missed it. Enjoy your blog.

  13. Don B says:

    Booker in the Telegram has a great anaylsis of the flooding – it is man made. Deliberate policies sought to increase flooding.

    “The problem began, they said, in 1996 when the new Environment Agency took overall responsibility for managing Britain’s rivers. These men had been alarmed to see a sharp decline in regular dredging. The rivers have always been crucial to keeping the Levels drained, because they provide the only way to allow flood waters to escape to the sea. Equally worrying was how scores of pumping stations which carry water to the rivers were being neglected. And although the drainage boards were still allowed to operate, their work was now being seriously hampered by a thicket of new EU waste regulations, zealously enforced by the EA. These made it almost impossible to dispose sensibly of any silt removed from the maze of drainage ditches which are such a prominent feature of the Levels.”

  14. Billy Liar says:

    I’m worried that if climate change causes everything to happen 10 times as frequently as it did in the past there’ll be too much weather to pack into a year.

    (/sarc – for those that need it)

    • Andy OZ says:

      Climate change is causing Australian university “researchers” to migrate north to Kazakhstan for the winter. Who knew the snow leopard was native to Australia?
      I will be researching the effects of climate change on bikini design in Rio de Janeiro for the next 3 months followed by research on the effects of climate change on the taste of wine from the south of France, followed by the effects of climate change on the sex habits of ski bunnies in the French Alps , finishing the torrid year with three months studying the effects of climate change on wave heights in Hawaii.
      This is all crucial science and I will need a team of skilled researchers to assist. I have rejected Chris Turney as he is not a real scientist and he keeps talking about how he got stuck with 70 idiots in Antarctica!
      Interviews take place on Monday on Miami beach to see if candidates can handle the stress.

      • Billy Liar says:

        the effects of climate change on the sex habits of ski bunnies in the French Alps

        See you there – beginning of April!

  15. rw says:

    What worries me, other than being in the midst of a world-class social hysteria, is that the weather in the British Isles (both UK and Ireland) looks similar to what H. H. Lamb found was happening at the onset of the Little Ice Age.

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