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One Thing Is Very Clear – Michael Oppenheimer Lied To The House Science Committee

Oppenheimer said : “one thing is very clear – the number of very hot days has increased.” [youtube=] What is very clear is that Oppenheimer makes bold claims that are patently false. The frequency of both 90 and 100 degree … Continue reading

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CO2 Traps Heat And Instantly Transports It To The Bottom Of The Sea

Our nations’ top climate experts tell us that CO2 no longer traps and holds heat in the troposphere, as evidenced by no atmospheric warming in almost 18 years. After trapping the heat, the CO2 molecules now instantly transport it undetected to … Continue reading

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First Five Months Of 2014 Coldest On Record In The US

US temperatures through May were the coldest on record. 2012 brought great joy to climate alarmists, and 2014 has turned most of them into reality deniers.

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Gaia Objects To The White House Climate Report

A few weeks after the White House declared the end of winter sports due to global warming, Colorado has record snowpack and streamflow. Streamflow on the Poudre is 50% higher than the previous record for the date, and snowpack is 274% of … Continue reading

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1912 : “Weather Is Like Government – Always Wrong”

  Papers Past — Auckland Star — 20 April 1912 — WEATHER-WIT.

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Washington Post Says Sandy Was Not A Hurricane

The Washington Post says that we are in a record drought for major Hurricanes, and that Sandy was not a hurricane at landfall. Sandy was not technically a hurricane at its NJ landfall Atlantic hurricane season begins Sunday: Will record … Continue reading

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Northwest Passage Was Open In 1903

Another alarmist fantasy kicks the bucket. Arctic alarmists claim that Amundsen took three years to navigate the Northwest Passage because there was too much ice. It turns out that (like almost everything else alarmists say) is incorrect. Amundsen said the Passage … Continue reading

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Obama Rearranges The Furniture On The Titanic

Obama pointed the ship towards an iceberg six years ago, and ordered full steam ahead. Now that it is sinking, he is firing the crew who followed his orders.

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My Position On Climate Change

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs After a decade of research, I have concluded that people claiming that the globe is warming, the climate is getting more extreme, sea level rise is accelerating, and the poles are melting – come in … Continue reading

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War Is Peace, Mild Is Extreme

The Orwellian NOAA, says that the very mild winter of 2012 in the US (which had almost no extremes) was more extreme than the very cold winter of 2014. U.S. Climate Extremes Index (CEI) | Extremes | National Climatic Data … Continue reading

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