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Global Warming Alarmism Explained In 1936

03 Dec 1936 – Good Times Make Us Tall

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Can I Do It Again?

Last time I lived in Maryland I only had a bicycle, and they had the mildest winter on record. I am headed back there for the summer with a CO2 spewing car, and hope to see a mild summer. Forget weather … Continue reading

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Always Trying To Scare The Children

The primary goal of progressives is always to scare people into voluntarily giving up their money and freedom   There has been no change in the frequency or intensity of drought. The 1930’s were much worse. Romm, as always, has … Continue reading

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Your Opportunity To Study Science In An Enlightened Country

Europe is hoping to bring this home, through progressive immigration policies. In a horrifying turn of events, 234 young girls were abducted from a physics exam in Nigeria, purportedly by terrorists who are opposed to educational endeavors.  Two weeks later, … Continue reading

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The Wilderness Debate Goes On

Forty two years ago this month, I testified at a Congressional Subcommittee hearing in Kanab, Utah – in favor of a new wilderness area. That didn’t make me very popular with the locals. WILDERNESS AREA DEBATED IN UTAH – Ecologists and … Continue reading

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May 6 : 74th Anniversary Of The Greenland Meltdown

Monday 6 May 1940 By far the largest number of local glaciers in north-east Greenland had receded very greatly during recent decades, and it would not be exaggerating to say that these glaciers were nearing a catastrophe. 06 May 1940 … Continue reading

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What Is The Difference Between A Climate Alarmist And A Child Abuser?

There isn’t any difference. Climate alarmism is specifically targeted to use and abuse children. Youth anxiety on the rise amid changing climate – The Globe and Mail

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“We The People” Are Not Qualified To Question The Government

The latest totalitarian strategy is to tell “We the People” that we lack the credentials to question white house executive orders. The entire AGW scam now centers around this argument. Article I Section 1 All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested … Continue reading

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No Global Warming This Millennium Increases IPCC Confidence To 97%

No global warming this millennium, combined with a 97% failure rate of the climate models, has increased IPCC confidence to 97%. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

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Another Excuse For War

Soviet socialists committed horrible atrocities (tens of millions of civilians murdered) in the Baltic states and the Ukraine. As a result of that, Russians are hated and mistreated by people in those countries. That is why they want to be a … Continue reading

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