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Slipping Off The Continent

The WAIS slipping off the continent scare story has been around for decades, and is typical of the technically illiterate people known as climate scientists.  Scaled down to size, the Antarctic ice sheet is thinner and flatter than a sheet of paper. It … Continue reading

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35 Years Since Climate Experts Warned That An Increase In Antarctic Sea Ice Could Lead To A New Ice Age

Thirty-five years ago, a top climate scientist said that an increase in Antarctic sea ice could lead to a new ice age. Experts Tell How Antarctic’s Ice Could Cause Widespread Floods – Mushy Ice Beneath Sheet – Article – NYTimes.com Since … Continue reading

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Rise In CO2 Equivalent To Packing An Extra Seven People Into The Bernabéu

Over the past century, atmospheric CO2 has increased by one part in 10,000. The equivalent of packing an extra seven people into the Bernabéu. All seven of them are probably racists and misogynists. One of them can be seen wearing a … Continue reading

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Official Sea Level Vs. The Oceans

According to always trustworthy US government, sea level is rising 3.1 mm/year. As tiny as this is, it is exaggerated by more than 400% over the actual data. Of the 148 currently active (readings after 2010) NOAA global tide gauges, 83% are … Continue reading

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Gun Control Has Been Used By Governments To Kill More Than 50 Million Of Their Own People

Death by “Gun Control”

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Climatologists Recycling The Same BS From 35 Years Ago

In 1974, Steven Schneider was busy trying to convince Nixon that global cooling was going to kill us all. But then he realized the big money was in global warming (rather than cooling) and by 1979 was peddling the identical WAIS collapse … Continue reading

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Physicians For Mental Incompetence

Pennsylvania doctor packs an unbelievable amount of bullshit into four short paragraphs Many have been lulled into a sense of “business as usual” with the cold winter and cool spring we have been experiencing. Nevertheless globally, April tied for being … Continue reading

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Lessons From Santa Barbara

Children of rich Hollywood progressives should not be allowed to own cars, knives or guns.

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1976 Shock News : No Climate Disaster Pending

No warming in the mid-Atlantic states since 1800, and no climate disaster pending. TimesMachine: February 22, 1976 – NYTimes.com

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Climate Experts Fear That The Great Lakes May Become Ice-Free This Summer

Ice on Memorial Day in Michigan, due to an overheated atmosphere. Lake Superior Ice on Memorial Day! | WOODTV.com Blogs

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