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Be Proud Of Your Accomplishments

Your choice of fashionable apparel.

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NAACP Names Anti-Semite “Person Of The Year”

In 1991, Al Sharpton led a group of marchers in Brooklyn, who were chanting “Kill the Jews” Yesterday, the NAACP named him person of the year.

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Climate Connection Through The Ethers

The atmosphere refuses to comply with global warming theory, so climate experts have hypothesized about a mysterious connection between 0.0001 mole fraction Mann-made CO2, and imaginary deep ocean currents of warm water – which warmed without the heat being transmitted … Continue reading

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Our Most Predictable Annual Cycle

As I approach age 60, I can’t remember a single year when the government didn’t attempt to frighten the citizenry over some imaginary problem. President Johnson told us that the North Vietnamese were going to invade the US, after taking … Continue reading

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Obama Links Low Cost Energy With Undersea Currents Around Antarctica

President Barack Obama believes that he can alter undersea currents around Antarctica, by making US electricity unaffordable for poor and elderly people.

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Understanding The Government Science Death Spiral

In actual science, people throw out outliers. But in government climate science they base their entire theory around two carefully cherry picked outliers. iphone.anomaly.arctic.png (512×412)

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