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Manhattan Sea Level Rise Rates Have Dropped 75% Since CO2 Went Above 310 PPM

The big White House push this week is to convince people that rising sea level due to Mann-made CO2 is going to come drown them. Let’s test that theory out. The graph below plots Manhattan sea level vs atmospheric CO2. When … Continue reading

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Climate Scientists Have Taken Over The Traditional Role Of Astrologers

TimesMachine: October 29, 1902 – NYTimes.com

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The Bridge Didn’t Really Collapse

Academics can always find a few dozen peers to sign off on a study saying that the moon is made of green cheese. If a bridge collapses or a microprocessor doesn’t work, no engineer would be stupid enough to claim that he had … Continue reading

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Northeast Flooding, Long Before Your SUV Ruined The Climate

I was listening to the mayor of Hoboken on NPR this morning, saying how it never used to rain hard there before “climate change.” She is on Obama’s climate change task force, because she is hysterical and has absolutely no … Continue reading

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Thanks To Coal

I’m just back from a beautiful hike in the forest, and was thinking about how none of those trees would still be there if it weren’t for an abundant supply of fossil fuels. Once Obama kills off the coal industry, the … Continue reading

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Be Very Afraid Of The Imaginary

I drove across Maryland on I-68 on Monday, and was treated to Maryland drivers tailgating 15 feet apart at 70MPH coming down out of the Appalachians. One flat tire and they have a massive 30 car pileup. These same people … Continue reading

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