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Coldest Year On Record In Maryland So Far – 12C Colder Than 1921

My local weather station (like most of the US) is having its coldest year on record so far, and is an astonishing 12ºC colder than 1921.

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Fire Is An Essential Part Of The Forest Cycle

Progressives get completely hysterical every time there is a forest fire, belying their complete lack of understanding of science. Fires are an essential part of the forest cycle. Many species of trees can not exist without them, including two of … Continue reading

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CNN/MSNBC Journalists Lack Access To Electronic Communications

We keep hearing breathless hysterical rants from journalists wondering what is wrong with climate deniers, why they don’t listen to the scientists A simple way to find out would be to ask us, but they won’t do that because it … Continue reading

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Before Your SUV Ruined The Climate, A Hurricane Hit The US In May 1908

There have only been three recorded hurricanes during May in the Atlantic Basin. They occurred in 1908, 1951 and 1970, including this hurricane which struck the US during the last week of May, 1908 1908 Atlantic hurricane season – Wikipedia, … Continue reading

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Shock News : Arctic Sea Ice Is Normal

Scientists keep blaming non-existent changes in weather on non-existent changes in sea ice. N_daily_extent.png (420×500)

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79% Of The US Below Normal Temperature Since Oct 1, 2013

WaterTDeptUS.png (688×531)

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Greenland Meltdown At -33C

Climate experts are nearly unanimous in their belief that Greenland is melting down at -33C summit:status:webcam

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Math Is Hard For Washington Post Writers

May 17 Half of the country is currently in some state of drought. What’s exceptional about the current drought — and what isn’t Fifteen percent is the new fifty percent for progressives.  201404-pmdi.gif (650×475)

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The Climate Science BS Was Probably The Highest Ever Recorded This Past Year

The sea surface temperatures in the western Pacific were “probably the warmest ever recorded this past year,” he told NBC News. Global Warming Linked to Frigid U.S. Winter, Scientist Says – NBC News.com Sea surface temperatures in the western Pacific … Continue reading

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“Military Intelligence” – The Ultimate Oxymoron

Climate change poses a growing security threat and could cause conflict in the Arctic, a group of retired American generals and admirals said on Tuesday.  In a new report, the former military officers said the Pentagon had been caught out … Continue reading

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