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Mikey Mann Says The Climate Will Collapse In 22 Years

Earth Will Cross the Climate Danger Threshold by 2036 – Scientific American

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Quietest Period On Record For US Major Hurricane Strikes

During the 1950’s and early 1960’s, the US averaged one major hurricane strike per year. It has now been nearly nine years since a major (category 3-5) hurricane hit the US. The last one was Wilma in 2005. HURDAT Re-analysis Chronological … Continue reading

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President Obama Explains Why He Is Pushing The Global Warming Scam


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President Obama Explains Why He Has Been Stonewalling The Benghazi Investigation


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Coldest Year On Record In The US Through May 3

The record ice on the Great Lakes agrees with thermometers, before NCDC starts tampering with the thermometer data. Measured data shows that 2014 to date is the coldest year on record in the US.

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Fewest US Hurricane Strikes On Record Since Obama Elected

Since the start of records in 1850, the presidency of Barack Obama has had the lowest frequency of US hurricane strikes of any president. Three hurricanes have hit the US since Obama took office, compared to twenty-six while Grover Cleveland … Continue reading

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Seth Borenstein Says That 79 States Had Their Hottest Month Since 2010

Twitter / borenbears: Torching records Since 2010, …

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Understanding Benghazi

Obama immediately knew it was a terrorist attack, which is why the White House called it a spontaneous YouTube protest for the next two weeks, based on the best intelligence from the White House staff who were not involved – but wrote … Continue reading

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Vertical Is The New Horizontal

The lovely Katherine Hayhoe is pushing this mindless nonsense, showing temperatures rising vertically : How To Convince Conservative Christians That Global Warming Is Real | Mother Jones This is what people who actually measure temperatures see – temperatures horizontal. Climate … Continue reading

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1923 : Radical Climate Change Caused Unheard Of High Temperatures In The Arctic


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