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High Tech Speech Recognition From Google

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Reader Quiz

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Democracy Now

I was listening to left wing “Democracy Now” yesterday on the radio. They despise Obama’s behavior as much as people on the right do, for pretty much the same reasons.

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Understanding NFL Bigotry

Bigotry against Christian players is the official policy of progressives – i.e. Tim Tebow bashing. They said he shouldn’t make public his religious beliefs. Everyone in the press knows who the 249th draft pick was, both almost none know who Jadeveon Clowney … Continue reading

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Before Your SUV Ruined The Climate, Drought Was Causing Starvation In America


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Global Warming Could Make Male Progressives Disappear

Global warming could make male sea turtles disappear By Jacob Kastrenakes on May 20, 2014 Global warming could make male sea turtles disappear | The Verge Sea turtles evolved during the Jurassic. For most of their history, Earth was 5-12C … Continue reading

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Past The Tipping Point Of Science Integrity

Until a few years ago, government experts said that Greenland and Antarctica were both cooling. But that didn’t suit the agenda. folk.uib.no/abo007/share/greenland/chylek_box04.pdf Pubs.GISS: Abstract of Shindell and Schmidt 2004

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Government Reverses Yet Another Inconvenient Climate Story

Over the past few years, government experts have reversed many climate stories in order to fall in line with government objectives. Two years ago, NASA’s top polar scientist said that Antarctica was gaining ice at a rate of 49.000.000,000,000 kg/year Mass Gains of … Continue reading

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Sound The Sirens!

Over the past year, climate experts got stuck in the ice at both poles. The US had its quietest year on record for both hurricanes and tornadoes, and is having the coldest year on record so far. Global sea ice … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Climate Policy Explained

If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth – Joseph Goebbels

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