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Far West Englander Makes Good In Lisbon

97% of experts predicted that Madrid would bring home a championship trophy. The other 3% predicted that global warming would disrupt the match. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAjWi663kXc&feature=kp]

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Another Flat Earther

President Barack Obama says he doesn’t have time to debate flat-earthers like Freeman Dyson, but the president does believe that global warming is making it cold in Chicago.

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Colorado Flooding Seems Inevitable

Spring runoff hasn’t even started yet from the high country, and the Poudre River is already approaching record depths for the date. USGS Current Conditions for USGS 06752260 CACHE LA POUDRE RIVER AT FORT COLLINS, CO Climate experts say that … Continue reading

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100 Days Until Al Gore’s Ice Free Arctic

During his 2007 Nobel prize acceptance speech, Al Gore predicted an ice-free Arctic in 2014. Earth only has ice for 100 more days. COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut But first he needs to melt the ice off the … Continue reading

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Seven Years Since The World’s Leading Arctic Experts Spoke

In 2007, the world’s leading experts told us that the Arctic was going to melt very quickly sites.fas.harvard.edu/~scia30/2008/SOURCEBOOK/2007_Maslanik_GRL.pdf The green circle below shows the date when they made their brilliant forecast. iphone.anomaly.arctic.png (512×412)

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2008 : Obama Promised To Make The VA The Leader In Health Care Reform

In 2008, Obama promised to make the VA “the leader in national health care reform”  Now he says he knows nothing about what goes on with VA health care, and blames other people for the VA health care problems. Veterans | … Continue reading

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What’s Up With That?

May 23, 2014 at 6:29 pm Sea Ice News Volume 5 #2 – NOAA forecasts above normal Arctic ice extent for summer 2014 | Watts Up With That? Perhaps my comment was rejected because it included a link to that … Continue reading

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1934 Heat, Drought And Extreme Weather Was Global

The heat and drought in the US during 1934 blew away all records, but it wasn’t just in the US – it was all over the world. Antarctica had their record warmest winter temperatures too. TimesMachine: June 6, 1934 – NYTimes.com … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 80 Years Ago – 107F In Illinois

Illinois was a little cooler than  Wisconsin 80 years ago. It was only 107 degrees on Memorial Day weekend, 1934 – compared to 109F in Wisconsin.

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Decades Of Work Went Into Obama’s Election

It took decades to train progressives to hate themselves enough to eagerly elect someone who despises them, and wants to see them punished.

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