1986 : “Big League Climatologists” Said We Were Doomed By The Year 2000

In case you forgot for a minute that we are dealing with utter morons.

Published: June 24, 1986

PICKING up where a high-school chemistry class might end, ”Nova,” the public-broadcasting science series, offers the nonmatriculating viewer an advanced course in worrying. The cause of the concern is all the carbon dioxide that’s being pumped into the industrialized and motorized air. The hour long broadcast is called ”The Climate Crisis: The Greenhouse Effect,” at 9 tonight on Channel 13.

The conclusion, conveyed with great authority by several big-league climatologists from government and private research organizations, is terrible: by the year 2000, the atmosphere and weather will grow warmer by several degrees and life – animal, plant, human – will be threatened.


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11 Responses to 1986 : “Big League Climatologists” Said We Were Doomed By The Year 2000

  1. lance says:

    yes, i am threatened, by another stupid cold fall/winter/spring! Summer was 1 month, July…

  2. KTM says:

    All of these predictive misfires deserve their own tab at the top of the site.

    1) Every climate model considered by the IPCC is currently wrong.
    2) Every climate prediction has been wrong.

    Start with the ‘authoritative’ 1965 report that was cited in President Nixon’s archives, through all these from the 80’s, the first IPCC report, all 82 models from the AR5 report, etc.

    I really think the first IPCC report prediction is a goldmine for skeptics, since it is the culmination of literally decades of research and a worldwide effort to predict the future. Current temps are on the cusp of falling outside the 5-95% confidence interval (if they haven’t already), which would mean that the prediction has been scientifically disproven (the 5-95% confidence interval has been cited before, and the confidence level used is a bit arbitrary to begin with). If and when that officially happens it should be headline news worldwide.

  3. tom0mason says:

    The UN-IPCC grossly underestimated this planet’s ablity for self regulation. They ignore, or at best willfully misinterpret, the 3 billion year history of life and the processes that keep this planet’s biosphere in the ‘Goldilocks’ zone. They are scientific midgets.
    The UN-IPCC is nought but the official wing of the Malthusian movement.

  4. Streetcred says:

    I’m just ‘threatened’ by their bullshit … tropical warmth never bothered me, but warmista propaganda bends my mind.

  5. James the Elder says:


    Definitely not to be confused with Joanne.

  6. omanuel says:

    Governments worldwide are skilled at deception of the public, just as George Orwell predicted in a book he started to write in 1946: “Nineteen Eighty-Four.”

    The simplest, most straight-forward explanation for this abrupt turn in the course of world history is action taken because unreported CHAOS and FEAR of nuclear annihilation in late Aug 1945 convinced world leaders to take totalitarian control of the entire world by forming the UN on 24 Oct 1945.

  7. Gail Combs says:

    It is 57.4 °F in mid North Carolina @ 8:33 in the morning. The low for the state is 48°F. This is August? In the SOUTH? The normal min temperature is 67 °F for my town.

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