Another Proxy For NOAA Temperature Fraud

According to NOAA, the US is experiencing a just below average temperature year – despite the fact that their own thermometer data shows 2014 as one of the coldest on record.

Here is another proxy which demonstrates that their claims are incorrect. The ratio of record daily minimums to record daily maximums in the US is the second highest since 1930. Only 1993 was higher, and that was due to volcanic dust from Mt. Pinatubo  blocking the sun.

ScreenHunter_1893 Aug. 12 21.40

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4 Responses to Another Proxy For NOAA Temperature Fraud

  1. Anto says:

    Criminals. That’s all – just, criminals.

  2. te53 says:

    If this is a plot of ratios, why does the vertical axis read percentage?

  3. Ima Skepticidal says:

    What does USCRN show, or is data not available yet?

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