August 14 Global Sea Ice Area 8th Highest On Record

The area of sea ice on Earth on August 14 was 8th highest on record, and the highest in 14 years.

ScreenHunter_1990 Aug. 16 12.04

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3 Responses to August 14 Global Sea Ice Area 8th Highest On Record

  1. Traitor In Chief says:

    I think it can be shown statistically that the change in the past two years is great enough to confirm this change is not merely an aberration in a long term downtrend. But, Bastardi noted that the cold water configuration of the North Atlantic has briefly reversed course in the past before the AMO fully enters its cool phase. So, this new trend may not present itself each year, but I think the reversal has been clearly indicated.

  2. Dmh says:

    Look at what happened in 2008, 09 and 10, as well as last year and now.
    It not only increased, but did it fast.
    Without solar maximum we’d probably be already above all previous years.

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