Democrats Demonstrate Again That Their Intent Is To Destroy The Country

Texas Governor Rick Perry was indicted by the usual band of Austin criminals, for threatening to use a veto. The Democratic scum in Austin have a long history of abusing the legal system to target political opponents, along the same lines as Obama targeting conservatives via the IRS and DOJ.

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42 Responses to Democrats Demonstrate Again That Their Intent Is To Destroy The Country

  1. Ed Martin says:

    That kind of stuff happens when you argue with a woman. 😉

  2. pesce9991 says:

    The scum is the gov’ner.

  3. tom0mason says:

    A special prosecutor spent months calling witnesses and presenting evidence that Perry broke the law when he promised publicly to nix $7.5 million over two years for the public integrity unit, which is run by Travis County District Rosemary Lehmberg’s office. Several top aides to Perry appeared before grand jurors in Austin, including his deputy chief of staff, legislative director and general counsel. Perry himself wasn’t called to testify.

    Perry said Lehmberg, who is based in Austin, should resign after she was arrested and plead guilty to drunken driving in April 2013. A video recording made at the jail showed Lehmberg shouting at staffers to call the sheriff, kicking the door of her cell and sticking her tongue out.

    • Bob Knows says:

      Yes, the Governor’s authority and responsibility is to veto any legislation that HE and he alone decides is harmful for Texas. No other criteria than HIS JUDGMENT is authorized by the Texas Constitution. It would now probably be within his authority ask the state Attorney General to prosecute Austin Democrats for malfeasance of their authority.

      • tom0mason says:

        ” It would now probably be within his authority ask the state Attorney General to prosecute Austin Democrats for malfeasance of their authority.”

        Sit back with plenty of popcorn, and watch the Texas and public funded fireworks.

      • MrX says:

        The libs are just trying to do to Perry what they did to Palin. But in Alaska, they did not have laws to protect the governor (though this has changed since). We’re talking Texas here. The governor doesn’t go it alone. His administration will handle the lawsuit and I see no way Perry can lose. It’s as you say. He can veto anything he wants.

        • Except that Perry will be running for president in ’16. The libtards will try to paint him as an indicted Governor … just like they continue to do with Palin.

    • Paul in Sweden says:

      LOL – I pulled the same thing out and posted on another thread a few minutes ago. It is amazing what these leftists do. Lehmberg running the Public Integrity Unit is like Peter Gleick Chairing the AGU Ethics committee.

  4. Psalmon says:

    People need to understand that this is a fight to the effective death to progressives. “Compromise” means “lower your shields”.

  5. Traitor In Chief says:

    On a post a couple days ago, someone posted a Chris Horner interview (can’t find it now) that was very revealing. Horner is now involved in investigations like the missing Lerner records, and detailed how they have solid evidence of evidence tampering by Lerner and Lisa Jackson.

    Now, Drudge says the IT tech says the claim of crashed hard drives is bogus.

    Progressives are SCUM. They don’t hold a different view of morality. They simply have no Morality. They function strictly on manipulation to gain control, at any cost.

  6. I’m waiting for the day when I hear “Texas Grand Jury is Indicted for illegally indicting politicians because they don’t agree with them.”

    • There Is No Substitute for Victory. says:

      The DA who pled guilty to DWI controls the Grand Jury process and even if her finger prints are not on the paperwork. I am sure that everyone reading my post has heard before that a District Attorney can get a Grand Jury to indict a ham ‘sam-age’.

  7. Jason Calley says:

    (I have cross-posted this response at Suyts Place. My apologies, but I thought it worth repeating.)

    Bear with me a moment while I go waaaaay back in history… all the way to December 8, 2008. A story in the news at the time was how a small window-making company in Chicago (a company with a good credit record) was about to close down because Bank of America refused to continue a long standing credit line with them. Governor Blagojevich of Illinois holds a press conference and announces that unless Bank of America agrees to continue doing business with Illinois companies, that he, Blagojevich, would move Illinois state funds out of BOA and into other banks. When this happened, I remember thinking, “Whoa! A state governor willing to put pressure on the banks in favor of his constituency! Wonder how this will work out…” The next morning, Dec 9, 2008, Blagojevich is marched out of his house in handcuffs and removed from office. Oh, well…. just a coincidence, huh?

    So now we have Texas Governor Perry indicted (although he has not been arrested or impeached). Did he makes someone angry recently? Well, let’s see… less than 24 hours before, he met with members of the Texas National Guard whom he had ordered to the border with Mexico, and explained that they need to secure the border and prevent drug cartels from crossing into the US.

    Could be coincidence, but could be political hardball by people who want the border dissolved and who profit from drug sales.

    • Justa Joe says:

      Blagojevich got in trouble for trying to sell an appointment to a Senate seat. Blagojevich is part of the criminal Democrat machine. I wouldn’t compare him to Perry.

      • MrX says:

        Dems don’t see that line.

        • There Is No Substitute for Victory. says:

          I think that just as many members of the Jackass party voted to remove Blagojevich as Elephant Party members of the Illinois’ Senate did. He was hated and despised by the both Parties before he was accused of selling Obama’s vacant US Senate seat.
          What Governor Blagojevich tried to do was enrich his own selfish self. What Governor Perry is attempting is to remove an Elitist cancerous growth from the body politic of Texas.

    • Lou says:

      Obama wants his coke…

  8. BallBounces says:

    Progressives understand that a non-progressive in power is a crime against the natural order.

  9. au1corsair says:

    In 1868 my alleged ancestor, Andrew Johnson, was impeached on 11 counts of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” The US Senate of the 40th Congress was 86% Republican, with 57 out of 66 Senators Republican and 9 Democrat (and 8 vacant seats as a consequence of the Civil War) and only 36 “guilty” votes were needed to remove Democrat Johnson from office (and then bring criminal charges against him). Thirty-five Republican Senators voted “guilty.” Even with an overwhelming majority, the GOP wasn’t able to make charges against the President stick–never mind that the charges were later determined to be unconstitutional (1887 and 1926). The true “crimes” Andrew Johnson committed were being anti-progressive when the GOP was the Progressive party–and blocking Reconstruction. Oh, yeah–and “offending Congress” too.

    Teddy Roosevelt was threatened with impeachment. In 1919 a petition to impeach President Wilson was circulated. FDR faced impeachment for a number of crimes including circumvention of the Neutrality Acts. President Nixon short-circuited impeachment by resigning. William Clinton’s “crime” was “lying to Congress,” not anything sexually perverted–and no Democratic Senator voted to remove President Clinton from office, but five Republicans voted “not guilty” on the charge of obstructing justice and ten Republicans voted “not guilty” on perjury.

    Texas isn’t the US Congress. The Mainstream News Media is partisan–and Democrat. Partisan politics is the true driving force behind impeachment proceedings. Even back when the GOP was proudly progressive, it didn’t have its act together. The Democratic Party does.

    Combine progressive politics with an aggressive and effective political machine and you have the Nazi Party destroying the Weimar Republic–with a lot of help from the German Communist Party.

    • MrX says:

      Sorry, but your entire thing is bogus. GOP was never progressive. That’s a made up term by liberals in the 80’s and got more use in the 90’s to counter the bad rep that the GOP had made on the term “liberal”. You’re implying there was a “big switch” back in the 60’s or whenever. There was no switch. That’s a liberal attempt at rewriting history. Never happened.

      • Lou says:

        Yup. Democrat Party is an expert at rewriting history..

      • mjc says:

        I think he’s referring to the 1850s-1910s. That particular era wasn’t exactly a good time for the Republicans, as far as being conservative went. And, yes, in the 1910s Teddy Roosevelt was the leader of the Progressive faction of the Republican party and then the splinter Progressive Party.

      • Justa Joe says:

        Progressives is a historical term. The donks dusted it off and put it back to use after the term liberal became a bad word. Such illustrious scum as Margaret Sanger was part of the progressive movement.

      • There Is No Substitute for Victory. says:

        Gee, you would think that there must be a reason that both Teddy Roosevelt’s, as well as Abe Lincoln’s mugs are on Mount Rushmore. Lincoln is the President who suspended Habeas Corpus and redistributed the Indians’ wealth (their lands) at least all of it that a White man, a Black man, or a rail road would covet. And Teddy Roosevelt is the darling of the Liberal or Mugwamp wing of the GOP including but not limited to the ultra Progressive Bull Moose Party of 1912. I have but one question MrX, did your mother have any children that survived into adulthood?

  10. Justa Joe says:

    The Donks pulled this same crap with Tom Delay. He was just recently vindicated when his convictions were all overturned. However, the Donks ultimately won because he was destroyed as a political opponent. It’s loooonnnggg past time to start fighting fire with fire.

    • There Is No Substitute for Victory. says:

      @ Justa Joe: Ditto Senator Ted Stevens (R) of Alaska whose bogus prosecution by a Democrat Party hack cleared the decks for Obama’s Affordable Care Act by assuring 60 Democrat Senators at the start of Obama’s first term. Too many of my GOP friends worry too much about who’s sleeping with what, that they loose sight of the big picture and let the Democrat Party treat the nation like the Dems’ own personal street whore.

  11. wwlee4411 says:

    Reblogged this on wwlee4411 and commented:
    Let them be seen for what they really are!

  12. nielszoo says:

    So Perry asks an uberhypocrit DA to resign from running, among other things, the Public Integrity Unit after she has been arrested and charged with a crime… including video evidence of here in a condition usually limited to college freshmen. Texas law (apparently, I’m assuming here) doesn’t allow him to fire her or prevent her from being paid as an individual employee. The Governor, knowing that having a law breaking drunk in charge of anything to do with accountability and law enforcement is a bad thing, uses his authority to protect the citizens of Texas by vetoing her entire department in hopes of getting rid of her so that Texans can have a sober, and hopefully honest chance at Justice in her county… and he’s the one being “indicted?”

    On the other hand we have Pres. Obama’s chief law enforcer Eric Holder using the DoJ, Treasury’s banking regulators and the FDIC as extortionists against banks which do business with perfectly legal industries including those whose products are specifically protected in our Constitution. What am I missing other than the complete and total abuse of our legal system according to the whims of Progressive officialdom which is sending “… hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.”

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