Before I Was A Planet Destroyer, I Was An “Ecologist”

Before I became an evil big tobacco planet destroying climate skeptic, I was one of the “ecologists” testifying in favor of the Escalante Wilderness in 1972.

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Roads are a problem for wilderness areas, but the wilderness areas where I worked as a ranger had plenty of cattle.

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3 Responses to Before I Was A Planet Destroyer, I Was An “Ecologist”

  1. hazze says:

    Theres to few greens really having any deeper connection to what they say they try to save…Ive been seen dragging stones by hand on forrestpaths to small creeks for the small fishes to hide n rest behind….next day ive been attacked by greens for not understanding that small things matter to Mother Earth….fresh from uni they where…living in citycentre…telling me tales about how tropical fishes soon will swim in the in basement according their models 🙂 …And this is in Sweden… 🙂 …Hang in treehugger 🙂

  2. mjc says:

    My wife grew up northern CA, along a river. Over the summer, the area was a favorite spot for the greens to visit (and ‘real’ hippies, too). The young greenies, up from Sacramento or SF knew about as much ‘nature’ as your average rock. Invariably, several times a summer, one of them would ask ‘what does poison oak look like?’ while standing in the middle of a patch of it. Also, since they didn’t believe in ‘polluting’ the ‘local environment’ there would be at least one per summer, that would wipe with a handful of leaves, including the nice, soft, green leaflets of three…

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