Learning To Think Like A Progressive

So far this year more than 100 black people have been murdered by other blacks – just in Chicago alone. If you are a white progressive, you don’t talk about that – because it doesn’t give you an opportunity to hate on yourself.

1/3/2014	Ronald Sawyer
1/5/2014	Raymond Galloway
1/8/2014	Joseph Brittman
1/8/2014	Willie Smith
1/12/2014	Marquise Harris
1/15/2014	Kendre Davis
1/16/2014	Lester Jones
1/16/2014	Kevin Baker
1/17/2014	Timothy Travis
1/17/2014	Tremaine Scott
1/22/2014	Jonathan Johnson
1/22/2014	Edward Caridine
1/25/2014	Elsaleem Mannie-El
1/29/2014	Tevin Bryant

2/4/2014	Willie Buie
2/5/2014	Markeyo Carr
2/6/2014	Corey Williams
2/9/2014	Ronald Hayes
2/12/2014	Venzel Richardson
2/13/2014	Andre Hughes
2/13/2014	Adonta McCoy
2/14/2014	Raymond Robinson
2/20/2014	Regimond Maxwell Jr.
2/21/2014	Davy Easterling
2/21/2014	Velma Howard
2/22/2014	Michael Redmond
2/22/2014	Javan Boyd
2/27/2014	Eric Woods
2/28/2014	Theresa Spearman
2/28/2014	Cleotha Brooks Jr.
3/2/2014	Maurice Coleman
3/2/2014	Deandre Baber
3/5/2014	Lavita Jones
3/10/2014	Chad Collins
3/14/2014	Terrell Wilson
3/15/2014	Michael Stewart
3/15/2014	Amierah Roberson
3/18/2014	Paul Carter
3/18/2014	Anthony Higgins
3/19/2014	Gregory Shanks
3/19/2014	Michael Tingling
3/20/2014	Leannia Hall
3/21/2014	Alonzo Williams
3/21/2014	Eugene Matheny
3/21/2014	Jaquinton Walker
3/25/2014	Dorothy McGee
3/26/2014	Anthony Morris
3/28/2014	Marc Campbell
3/31/2014	Jareem Jackson
3/31/2014	Valentino Taylor
4/5/2014	Jordan Harris
4/5/2014	Michael Flournoy
4/7/2014	Darnall Gordon
4/9/2014	Mario Hess
4/11/2014	Shannon Mack
4/11/2014	Gakirah Barnes
4/13/2014	Corey Brownlee
4/15/2014	Keno Glass
4/19/2014	Trevolus Pickett
4/19/2014	Anthony Bankhead
4/19/2014	Jordan Means
4/19/2014	Darren Ray
4/19/2014	John Myles
4/23/2014	Quinton Jackson
4/24/2014	Darius Kelly
4/24/2014	Demario Collins
4/25/2014	Joe Huff Jr.
4/26/2014	Leonore Draper
4/26/2014	Martavarian Emery
4/26/2014	Jaquez Williams
4/26/2014	Artez McBride
4/28/2014	Marvin Turner
4/28/2014	Endia Martin
4/30/2014	Larry Martin
5/1/2014	Jeromy Ellis
5/3/2014	Rickey Hayes
5/4/2014	Terrance McNeal
5/4/2014	William Bailey
5/5/2014	Jerald Calhoun
5/6/2014	Chasteddy Blocker
5/6/2014	Jajuan Porter
5/9/2014	William Lomax
5/9/2014	Summer Ann Moore
5/10/2014	Xavier Tripp
5/11/2014	Vaughn Holeman
5/17/2014	Kendall Floyd
5/17/2014	Charles Lee
5/18/2014	Aaron Rushing
5/18/2014	Juwan Williams
5/19/2014	Leonard Goldman
5/19/2014	Kayshaun Hall
5/21/2014	Lewis Jenkins
5/22/2014	Robert Waldon
5/22/2014	Brian McKinney
5/22/2014	Maurice Paschal
5/24/2014	Kenneth Anthony
5/24/2014	Corteze Reed
5/24/2014	Dashawn Johnson
5/25/2014	Aaron Feazell
5/26/2014	Lance Stanton
5/26/2014	Vincent Simmons
5/26/2014	Monte Tillman
5/27/2014	Paul Pyron
5/29/2014	Craig Mitchell
5/29/2014	Betty Howard
5/29/2014	Malcolm Stuckey
5/30/2014	Charles Short
5/31/2014	De Angelo Russell
5/31/2014	McArthur Swindle
6/1/2014	Donald Williams
6/1/2014	Denero Appleton
6/3/2014	Darrien Jordan
6/4/2014	Ronald Holliman
6/5/2014	Derrick Bowens
6/6/2014	Alante Vallejo
6/6/2014	Carnesha Fort
6/7/2014	Brian Weekly
6/7/2014	Kennyone Pendelton
6/9/2014	Laquisha Hickman
6/9/2014	Nicole Loving
6/9/2014	Paris Brown
6/10/2014	Brett Ewing
6/12/2014	Damian Williams
6/14/2014	Dewey Knox
6/15/2014	Brandon Peterson
6/15/2014	Louis Winn
6/17/2014	Daniel Jones
6/19/2014	DeMarcus Boswell
6/21/2014	Taurus Williams
6/21/2014	DeKarlos Scott
6/22/2014	Stanley Levy
6/22/2014	Ovadiyah Chandler
6/23/2014	Andre Knight
6/23/2014	Alfred Barnett
6/23/2014	Tony Purnell
6/24/2014	Sharon Bonds
6/25/2014	Eddie Jones
6/26/2014	Albert Glover
6/27/2014	Tony Ervin
6/28/2014	Ronnie Amos
6/30/2014	Michael Patton
7/1/2014	Lafayette Walton
7/2/2014	Dakari Pargo
7/2/2014	Jimero Starling
7/3/2014	Shambreyh Barfield
7/4/2014	Corey Hudson
7/4/2014	Robert Cotton
7/5/2014	Joel Bentley
7/5/2014	Deandre Brown
7/5/2014	Shaquille Ross
7/6/2014	Anthony Hobson
7/6/2014	Kezon Lamb
7/6/2014	Donald Ray
7/6/2014	Shiquille Salter
7/6/2014	William Allen
7/7/2014	Tonya Gunn
7/7/2014	Joey Henderson
7/7/2014	Cassius White
7/7/2014	Jaynisha Scheffer
7/8/2014	Marcel Pearson
7/8/2014	Bruce Wright
7/9/2014	Jasmine Curry
7/11/2014	Damien Bryant
7/12/2014	Addarius Thompson
7/12/2014	William Lewis
7/14/2014	Lawndale Nutall
7/18/2014	Nicholas Vaughan
7/18/2014	Shamiya Adams
7/18/2014	Kajaunce Morton
7/19/2014	Brandon Wilson
7/19/2014	Jaquan Hardy
7/21/2014	Demond Parnell
7/21/2014	Antwan James
7/23/2014	Darren Foggey
7/24/2014	Anthony Edwards
7/25/2014	Samuel Walker
7/29/2014	Alvin Ivy
7/31/2014	Sam Walker
8/1/2014	Devin Pope
8/1/2014	Orlando Lomax
8/3/2014	Martrell Ross
8/3/2014	Jerome Harris
8/3/2014	Brian Davis
8/4/2014	Darryl Allison
8/4/2014	Gabe Stevens
8/5/2014	Kashif Tillis
8/6/2014	Jeremiah Shaw
8/10/2014	Jabari Scurlock
8/11/2014	Dearies Arnold
8/12/2014	Julio Perkins
8/12/2014	Devonte Carthan
8/14/2014	LaDarryl Walters

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10 Responses to Learning To Think Like A Progressive

  1. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    And Al Sharpton doesn’t want anyone to care about black youths being murdered by other black youths because he cannot monetize that tragedy.

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    Hotair has a post on the latest (six months pregnant) victim of the knockout game: http://hotair.com/archives/2014/08/17/video-the-knockout-game-seems-to-be-alive-and-well/comment-page-2/#comment-8389934

    My comment:

    More headline news, from the king of the knockout cities, Philadelphia: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/skateboarder-caught-tape-attacking-philly-park-ranger-article-1.1906684

    Be sure to check out the video at the NYDN link. It shows a .. mixed race gang of youths, in center city Philadelphia in a area that is generally considered gentrified and safe, assaulting the 40ish (black) gentlemen. We don’t want the police overly militarized, but WE DO WANT THE POLICE!

  3. Self loathing is a party game.

    1. If you are male you hate men. It’s politically correct. You pay the stripper.

    2. If you are white, you hate whitey.

    3. If you are American, you hate America.

    4. If you are human, you hate humans.

    It doesn’t work because most of us don’t hate ourselves.

  4. KTM says:

    I just saw a show with Maya Angelou reading some of her poetry to an overwhelmingly white audience. As she read about the struggles of black folks in a racist white world, I couldn’t help but notice the fawning admiration by the white audience. It was a bit of an anachronism, but clearly the white audience was having a deeply moving experience with some sort of self loathing for being so virulently racists while simultaneously worshiping at the feet of a black woman.

    • stpaulchuck says:

      the only thing that moves when I see or hear that joke of a “writer” is my stomach. What a quota queen. Her writings are mostly fiction dressed up as fact or “historical”. Her poetry is sophomoric at best.

  5. dmmcmah says:

    Not just self-hate but black on black crime doesn’t fit into the group victim mentality the progressives love to cultivate.

  6. Dave G says:

    Very disappointed to see a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar editorial pouting about race issues as well. Although he linked it to class warfare.

    Better stick to your sky-hook’s Kareem.

  7. rah says:

    You would think that the whole US now is Alabama in the 1950s and 60s. It’s the lever by which they divide us. And we inadvertently enable it at times in little ways. For example many accept the term “reverse racism” when it propagates the false idea that only certain races can be discriminated against. Discrimination based on race is a manifestation of racism no matter what the race of those doing discrimination.

    We accept government and institutions that promote racists policies like affirmative action without screaming racism. Which is exactly what such a policy is.

  8. stpaulchuck says:

    Lord of the Flies Syndrome writ large

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