Correlating A Rising Dow Jones Industrial Average, With A Bright Future

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11 Responses to Correlating A Rising Dow Jones Industrial Average, With A Bright Future

  1. Hey Tony,
    The Kool Aid drinkers really showed up on your “Missed it by That Much” post. I’m surprised they have not tried to skewer you for using the image of those poor unfortunates from the early thirties. It was all Hoover’s and the Republican’s fault then too.

  2. stpaulchuck says:

    anyone following the quantitative easing nonsense can easily correlate the result with the stock prices. The linkage is easy to follow. President Runamok ordered the money presses to spin furiously. The cash was sent to the banks. The banks couldn’t find many takers for loans to buy capital goods that they couldn’t use because the economy was tanked so the banks instead “invested” the cash in stocks (and some bonds). The constant flow of cash into the stocks forced the prices up but based on ‘magic money’ not on any gains in underlying value.

    We call this a stock bubble out here in the real world.

    Stand back. You don’t want to get any on ya when this thing crashes. It’ll be epic. King Putt will, of course, blame it all on the ‘haters’ and ‘racists’ and President Bush, and most of all the hateful, racist GOP. The press will act as the usual echo chamber. In the meantime, even more folks will fall out of the workforce and go on welfare. Enjoy.

  3. _Jim says:

    Pay attention Peace1999; You are being ‘schooled’.


    • pesce9991 says:

      Now you are, Jim, (being schooled)

      The DOW never recovered during the depression. Before the market crashed, it peaked at 381 on 9/3/29. The crash began at 321 on 10/21/29. By the end of the year it was down to 241.

      Throughout the DEPRESSION the DOW never regained more than 50% of it’s 1929 peak.

      The recovery began on April 29, 1942 when it stood (or I should say squatted) at 94. That was a mere 24% of the 1929 peak.

      I bet you want to know when the DOW recovered to where it was on 9/31/929. Well it hit the lofty 382 mark on 11/23/1954, Jim. Well that’s a full 25 years after the record peak. And well after the Depression was finally over. And when did the Depression finally end, Jim? Since you are being school, Jim, I want you to look that up for yourself. This way the knowledge ‘sticks’ (as in hockey sticks).

      • _Jim says:

        I don’t believe a single word you write or say; your judgement on ALL subjects is highly suspect and questionable at best, because, you are a f*cking idiot.

        No one else should take a single thing you write or say with a shred of truthfulness or credibility either, because, you are a f*cking idiot.

        Do I make myself clear?


      • Phil Jones says:

        The Stock Market is just one yardstick through which to gauge a “Recovery”…. Back in the 30’s money from the Government to the Banks wasn’t pumped into the stock market… Back then people lost so much, they were scared to reinvest in these shady stocks…

        Today, and back then the better yardstick is Jobs, Labor participation rate, and income levels… GDP as well… Thus far under Obama the Labor Participation Rate has remained historically low… Mostly low wage part time jobs are being created… GDP and Unemployment rates are more subject to manipulation…

        I’d say we’ve remained rather stagnant…. The big money guys are raking it in thanks to Obama and the Fed… The middle class and the poor are hurting as can be seen by Labor Participation Rates… Welfare and food stamp rolls…

  4. _Jim says:

    A sign of desperation –

    Nutty democrat (and former house speaker Nanzy Pelosi) storms across house floor to ‘hound’ a republican house member after short address (video of Nutty Pelosi coming across house floor near end of embedded video at link below):

    Opening excerpt (in case/when article goes away):
    – – – – –
    In an unusual breach of decorum, even for the divided Congress, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi chased Rep. Tom Marino across the House floor, taking offense at comments by the Pennsylvania Republican during debate on the border funding bill Friday night.

    “We don’t have law and order,” Marino began as he wrapped up his comments on the border supplemental. “My colleagues on the other side don’t want to do anything about it.”

    “You know something that I find quite interesting about the other side? Under the leadership of the former Speaker [Pelosi], and under the leadership of their former leader [Rep. Steny Hoyer], when in 2009 and 2010, they had the House, the Senate and the White House, and they knew this problem existed,” he continued. “They didn’t have the strength to go after it back then. But now are trying to make a political issue out of it now.”

    Off-mic, Pelosi then approached Marino, crossing the aisle in view of cameras, and apparently challenged Marino’s assertion that Democrats did not do anything about the issue when they had majority control.

    “Yes it is true,” Marino replied directly to Pelosi, who was House speaker in those years. “I did the research on it. You might want to try it. You might want to try it, Madam Leader. Do the research on it. Do the research. I did it. That’s one thing that you don’t do.”
    – – – – – –

    I hope the repub and/or Libertarian house members have their shots; these democrats (not unlike Peaces1999) can be vicious, rabid ankle-biters.


  5. pesce9991 says:

    Yes, Phil Jones, my comments were about the sarcastic post which humorously suggests that as the DOW was rising during the depression the bread lines and unemployment lines kept growing. I realize that the Stock Market is only one of many economic indicators and certainly doesn’t tell the whole story. But neither does it tell us ‘nothing’.

    I though it would be of interest to note that the DOW didn’t fully recover (match its 1929 high) for 25 years. It jiggled up and down all that time and never did better than 50% in all that time.

    One of the posters here apparently suffers from turret’s syndrome and has taken ill.

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