Death Spiral Update : No Change In Arctic Sea Ice Area For Almost Nine Years

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5 Responses to Death Spiral Update : No Change In Arctic Sea Ice Area For Almost Nine Years

  1. wwlee4411 says:

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    MEANING: Zero signs of “Global Warming”/”Climate Change.”

  2. Jim Hunt says:

    What does that graph actually show Tony? You’re not very specific!

    Daily CT area anomaly since 2006? Wouldn’t just comparing anomalies on this date be clearer?

    • Billy Liar says:

      Well, Jim, by analysing the text often called the ‘title’ of the graph, I think we can be fairly sure it’s something to do with the Arctic sea ice area anomaly. A quick look at what we often call the ‘axis labels’ makes us think that this ‘anomaly’ is plotted against time, given in ‘years’ and in units of ‘million km^2’. There maybe some difficult interpretation here since ‘years’ are fairly familiar in terms of time, but what’s that funny little symbol ‘^’ in the y-axis measurement? I’m here to tell you, Jim, that ‘km^2’ is nothing more than square kilometres – a measurement of area.

  3. It shows that the Death Spiral Theory is so cutting edge, it’s hard to prove. That is one of the recurring patterns in climate science:

    Arctic Warming Theory So Cutting Edge, It’s Hard to Prove

    Apr 3, 2014 By Stephanie Paige Ogburn and ClimateWire

    On the subject of recurring patterns, I once overheard a man telling another man:

    “You called me an idiot? What did you mean by that?”

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