Does WordPress Have The World’s Most Incompetent Programmers?

WordPress keeps making their interface worse and worse. Today they took a giant step back to about 1985, by completely eliminating WYSIWYG from their editing forms.

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23 Responses to Does WordPress Have The World’s Most Incompetent Programmers?

  1. GW says:

    Its obviously because guys like you and Anthony, + many other skeptics, are making the most of wordpress and they don’t like it.

  2. I’ve noticed the past few weeks that they’ve made it far more difficult to publish a new post. Previously, it was a simple copy and paste procedure. Now, you have more steps that make it user “un”friendly. Frustrating.

  3. cg says:

    I’ve noticed their iPhone app is blacking out and not functioning properly. Means I have to buy a new iPhone 5S and I don’t need a new phone. This one is fine.

  4. Mike says:

    Is squared space better?

  5. Dave N says:

    Do they not allow plugins like TinyMCE when they host your site?

  6. Steve Case says:

    Maybe they’re taking a cue from the the Micro Soft crew who came up with Excel 2013.

  7. Steve Case says:

    Or Windows 8

  8. Try clicking the “Visual” tab when editing. It used to go there by default; now you have to select it. No idea why they made the change; seems backwards to me.

  9. I use Windows Live Writer. It totally bypasses the WP interface and published at the press of a button

    It is also much easier to paste photos etc.

  10. Gail Combs says:

    There is a good reason for why I call it WordUNimpressed.

  11. emsnews says:

    SO TRUE.

    Since 2013, it is harder and harder to do things. I used to be able to simply drop a video on the site, now I have to painfully type in the URL and often, it doesn’t work.

    All sorts of changes have been made and ALL have been for the worse. But then, Blogspot and other servers did the same stupid thing, too, tinkering with a working system until it collapses.

  12. Mat Helm says:

    I know nothing about wordpress, but have you tried keyboard shortcuts for cut (Ctrl-C) and paste (Ctrl-V)?

  13. R. de Haan says:

    It’s all part of the planned process to roll back human civilization.

    They want us back into a cave and they will fiddle around with our energy infra structure, our internet, our resources, our food production, our economy and our financial system until a cave has become the only available and affordable shelter against the elements.
    Fortunately Word Press isn’t the only platform and if nescessary we can start our own platform anytime.

  14. GW says:

    Perhaps homeland security has gotten involved

    • Gail Combs says:

      DHS is already involved. WordPress hand over any and all the info they want.

      One (of several articles) at WUWT on the Department of Homeland Security

      Don’t Say That! Just Don’t Say It!
      As the result of a Freedom of Information Act request, the US Government has released the list of words that will trigger the Department of Homeland Security to start monitoring your online contributions and conversations. The list is divided into sections by subject matter.
      I was greatly amused to find a section for words about “Weather” on the list, which contains the following terms.

      Extreme weather
      Forest fire
      Brush fire
      Tsunami Warning Center
      Mud slide or Mudslide
      Power outage
      Brown out
      Emergency Broadcast System

      Looks like WUWT is going to be front and center 24/7/365 at the Department of Homeland Security, no matter what we do …

      • tom0mason says:

        Inshallah I wonder if by night I fire-off a rocket to attack these people that will explode the spying by Homeland Security. Allahu Akbar! Maybe they like Extremist weather, with busrt rounds of wildfire raining poison gas into the atmosphere.
        In š??All?h!
        I think our viewing figures just blew skyhigh,


      • cdquarles says:

        I agree. I’ve been online since the mid 80s and on the internet since the early 90s and I’ve looked at the TCP/IP docs. Packet-switched, store & forward network means that there is nothing private if it isn’t encrypted. If it is encrypted, the signals guys are going to look at it and crack it or use the appropriate back-door. Flood ’em, I say. There’s more of us than them.

        • Gail Combs says:

          That is what us little old ladies with nimble arthritic fingers are for. Baffling them with Bafflegab and weird humor.

  15. Chip Bennett says:

    Blame Automattic (the company that owns/runs the hosting service), not WordPress.

    –an occasional WordPress contributor

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