Evening NCDC Fraud Report

NCDC published this amazing map today, which wildly inflates US January-July temperature rankings.


For now, I am going to focus on Colorado, which they show as 24th warmest. Colorado has actually been very close to the mean at 49th warmest.

NCDC shows a strong warming trend

ScreenHunter_1894 Aug. 12 21.53

In fact, there has been zero trend in Colorado. The trend line is identical to the mean line.

ScreenHunter_1895 Aug. 12 21.54

NCDC accomplished this through a spectacular hockey stick of data tampering, which cools the past by almost five degrees relative to the present.

ScreenHunter_1896 Aug. 12 21.59

You to admire NCDC’s hard work and devotion to corrupting the US temperature record, and making it completely meaningless scientifically.

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9 Responses to Evening NCDC Fraud Report

  1. A C Osborn says:

    Steve, they will eventually make it a straight line trend ala MM hockey stick.
    Climate will be shown to have been stable with slowly rising temperature in line with CO2 increases.
    I am not sure if there are Raw and Final CO2 values, because if there are you can guarantee that they are “Quality Controlled” to also fit the narrative.

  2. rishrac says:

    What kind of drugs are they taking? Not even Pueblo, where it is always hot, had a day in 100’s this summer. Much above average? How about much below. It’s been a cool wet summer (no more talk about drought or water restrictions) and this past winter was cold. Today they are forecasting a high of 87 F. That is one of the warmest days we’ve had in awhile. In all of July we had only a couple of days in the 90’s… and more days in 50’s and 60’s.. for the highs.

    You know it has been cool when short sleeves feels comfortable at 52 F and 82 F is a rather hot day. Temps should be in the 90’s.

  3. bit chilly says:

    so much for the claims that the data homogenization process altered all the data by a similar amount across the board,which would be expected on such a large scale record,someone is really taking the piss here.

  4. Lived in the same central Texas city all of my 52 years. This is the coolest year I can remember. This summer is definitely well below average.

  5. inMAGICn says:

    I probably have missed it, but what is the reason given for “adjusting” old temperature records and how is it done?

    • Gail Combs says:

      That is easy.

      The reason is the raw data does not support the agenda of the politicians that pay their salaries.

      How is it done?
      Toto drew the curtain aside and showed they use an ‘adjustment’ that exactly matches the rise in CO2. The CO2 measurements of course are also adjusted. I saw one comment a while ago where someone on WUWT found Mauna Lao tossed 80% of the raw data. This is Toto’s revelation if you missed it LINK

      See, it is very simple once you understand that science has diddly to do with it and it has just been a sheepskin covering an ugly political agenda.

      • inMAGICn says:

        Thanks Gail. I got it.

        But how do THEY justify what they’re doing. Or do they just do it and keep quiet?

        • Gail Combs says:

          “But how do THEY justify what they’re doing. Or do they just do it and keep quiet?”

          1. They tell themselves they are just doing their job. (They are cowards)

          2. They are doing it for the paycheck (They are selfish)

          3. They are doing it for the ‘Cause’ (They are self-aware traitors to their country and humanity.)

          What they are not is people with a spine but some slimy spineless thing you find under a rock.

          Germany saw a lot of these “things” seventy years ago. I am surprised Germany is full of slimy spineless things … AGAIN.

        • inMAGICn says:


          I see in my questions I’m not making myself clear. If you, or say, a reporter for an unbiased news organization (I know, but just suppose…) asked these people “Why have you altered the data and how did you do it?” what would they say?

          Say they get called up in a congressional hearing and got asked the same question, what would be their rationale?

          I understand what they say to the suckers and themselves, but how could they, again, justify their actions before, say, a panel of people who demand a square answer?


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