How To Identify Climate Fraud By Government Agencies

Antarctica has record sea ice. The Arctic has seen a record gain in sea ice, and just had its first or second coldest summer on record.

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Meanwhile, NCDC and NASA are trying to claim that Earth is having one of its hottest years ever.

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71 Responses to How To Identify Climate Fraud By Government Agencies

  1. So much for polar amplification. Warmest year on record, but global sea ice same as it was in the 1970’s after global cooling?


    • pesce9991 says:

      Get off the floor, Morgan and re-attach your @ss. Can you hold two seeming contradictions in your mind at the same time. Let’s see.

      Global temperatures are derived by taking measurements across the globe by a combination of weather instruments and satellite readings. They are then added and divided to get a number representing the “average temperature”.

      Some areas will be above the average, some below. So by saying the Antarctic or the US is colder than average this year you are citing only about 4% of the globe. There must be areas that are warmer than average. And there are and the total adds up to a warmer globe this year. Deal with it. Or remain ignorant.

      • EternalOptimist says:

        but the arctic is sqweeming and sqweeming

      • John B., M.D. says:

        Amazing how every weather phenomenon or event is consistent with global warming.

        An unfalsifiable theory that causes everything predicts nothing.

        And temperature data sets that depend on “adjustments” in order to exaggerate any warming trend above that which is due to natural variation, is, quite frankly, fraudulent.

        Why does this occur? Follow the money – $2.6 BILLION in climate change research funding for FY2014 for something claimed to be “settled science.”

        Better to spend the money on basic science research in order to invent cheaper green energy technology. And stop the wasteful subsidies for current inefficient expensive green energy tech – these actually slow the incentive to innovate.

      • Robertv says:

        Not Barcelona or even Spain.

      • geran says:

        Fish, I guess you will remain ignorant, since you can’t deal with it.

      • rw says:

        It’s also cold on both sides of the Northern Atlantic. It’s August and where I am most people are wearing sweaters or coats. (Incidentally, the cold weather here could only happen if the North Atlantic was cold, given the prevailing westerlies.) On the other side of the Altantic, where I was recently, the temperatures in the state had gone above 90 degrees only once so far this summer (very unusual). Earlier this year I was in the western part of the Iberian Peninsula, and the weather was also cool, (I realize that this is just a few more small parts of the globe’s surface, but if you keep finding additional 2 and 4%’s, it soon begins to add up.)

        So it’s beginning to look like there aren’t any climatological contradictions, chum. Just the odd behavior of certain individuals to account for.

        • tom0mason says:

          Look it’s very simple, if somewhere (anywhere) is a little too hot, or stormy, or catching fire, or flooding, or droughting then it’s CAGW climate-change with CO2 what done it.
          If it’s too cool, or even cold, then it’s just the weather.

      • Pesc,

        Do you have any concept of the concept of polar amplification?

        Do you have any idea why the earth MUST start warming at the poles first?

        Intelligent adults are speaking here so please remain silent until you are qualified.

        • pesce9991 says:

          Well, Morgan, I must run and tell the continents “No more record high temps until the poles go. Poles first, you guys!…”

        • philjourdan says:

          They already know. None of the continents have set a record high temperature in the last 50 years. Maybe you need to tell yourself.

        • geran says:

          Fish, the continents that you think support your Bad Science (BS) have been setting NEW record low temps.

          It’s almost as if “global warming” isn’t happening.

          Interesting, huh?

      • catweazle666 says:

        A simplistic little chap aren’t you Fishy?

        Do you never tire of making a twit of yourself?

      • Andy DC says:

        Yes, it is amazing the way warming skirts around the populated places of the world, but always is very severe in the uninhabited places, like the Southern Hemisphere oceans and northern Siberia.

        Why does it keep missing the US, the source of all greed and oppression? Gaia acts in a very mysterious way.

        • tom0mason says:

          Funny that, it’s the same problem with CO2, most of it from the oceans and the tropical forests. Nowhere near nasty, greedy, old white men are fowling the air.
          Well that’s what NASA says, so it should be due for adjustment soon.

      • David A says:

        91 says…
        Global temperatures are derived by taking measurements across the globe by a combination of weather instruments and satellite readings. They are then added and divided to get a number representing the “average temperature”.
        Really?, man you are ignorant.

      • Jl says:

        “They are then added and divided to get a number representing the average temperature.” You left out the part where they are then adjusted upward while the past is mysteriously adjusted downward.

      • Phil Jones says:

        Arctic… USA… Canada.. Australia.. Antarctica. .. Europe..

        See Pesce after awhile the seemingly small percents add up… All these land masses show well below temps this year… so WHERE is all the heat which offsets this?

        Where are all these above normal readings taking place for Chrissake?? Nowhere. .. that’s where…

        It’s all about data manipulation friend.. get your head out of your ass.

        • pesce9991 says:

          “All these land masses show well below temps this year… so WHERE is all the heat which offsets this?”
          “Where are all these above normal readings taking place for Chrissake?? Nowhere. .. that’s where…” 🙂 lol

          Well Phil, I want to remind you that the “globe” in global temperatures consists of roughly 70% water. If you can’t find it on land this year you aren’t really looking hard or you forgot that all the land you find still adds up to only 30% of the globe.

        • philjourdan says:

          Yep! The oceans are 70%. Problem in there is less than 10 years of Argo data (so hottest ever is impossible to even begin to define). Second problem is, the net ocean heat content is steady. not rising. According to the Argo data.

          So once again, where is the heat? Show us the data. Raw, unadjusted data.

        • pesce9991 says:

          “All these land masses show well below temps this year… so WHERE is all the heat which offsets this?”

          “… WHERE is all the heat that offsets this?

          WHERE are all these above normal readings taking place for Chrissake?? Nowhere. .. that’s where…”

          Looks like you’ve answered your question. But do you really believe that? Are you and little pj in denial about 2014 having no above normal readings? Or would you really like to know? My guess (I could be wrong) is you’d rather suck on an operating room mop than retract your above statement.

          But to answer your question truthfully, here are some of the areas of the world that have experienced or are experiencing heat waves, some record breaking in 2014:

          Even FOX reported this one:







        • philjourdan says:

          Ah, more childish ad hominems from the Italian fish. Are you capable of adult conversation?

          Brazil also had snow – not seen in the last 30 years. But snow is weather and heat waves are climate?

          The same with all your other sites. You were shown 25% of the surface with below normal temperatures. You responded with a list representing 2.5% of the surface.

          Your whole argument seems to be heat is climate and cold is weather.

          yea, try to graduate the 8th grade this year. You need it.

          or at least try to post comments on a higher level.

        • pesce9991 says:

          “Brazil also had snow” lol I can’t think of a less intelligent response than that! Where in Brazil? When? That makes a difference. “Brazil also had snow”….DUH! When didn’t Brazil have snow? Snow in Brazil happens frequently in the high mountains and freakishly at low altitudes.

          And then you make up lopsided percent’s straight out of your @ss which have no meaning. No, little pj, I have no more time for your foolishness. Enjoy sucking that hospital mop.

        • philjourdan says:

          And more childish ad hominems! You cannot help yourself can you? You are incapable of adult discourse.

          next time, try reading the ENTIRE quote (as in “not seen in the last 30 years). Does that sound like a high mountain to you? Given your inability to read, it probably does.

          Anyone want to lay money on his next comeback containing another juvenile ad hominem? Watch for the school yard gibberish in 3…2…1…

        • geran says:

          Fish, you are still out of the water.

          What you don’t seem to understand (Correction: What you don’t WANT to understand) is that the oceans are NOT heating. If oceans were heating we would be getting phenomena such as “El Nino”. We are several years without “El Nino”. We would be getting Gulf Coast hurricanes. We are several years without Gulf Coast hurricanes.

          Fish, when 70% (ocean surface) says you’re wrong, maybe you should choose another venue to radiate your lack of understanding.

        • Shazaam says:

          pesce-fetente has no answer.

          It believes. That should be sufficient proof!

        • Jantar says:

          It has been warmer here in New Zealand, so that is 0.5% of the earth. Surely that counteracts the 30% that has been cooler 😉

      • philjourdan says:

        by a combination of weather instruments and satellite readings

        Can you get you @ss out of your mouth? 😆 That is patently false.

        The satellite readings are a different data set. The earth bound readings are averaged (distorted contorted and aborted) with themselves!

        Before lecturing others, perhaps it is best if you know what the hell you are talking about.

        There must be areas that are warmer than average.

        Except there are no instrument readings supporting that. Only extrapolated readings.

      • A C Osborn says:

        Obviously the 1991 in your name is when you were born, Brain Washed 20 something, they are practically all the same.
        And so condescending for know nothings.

  2. Mohatdebos says:

    Now that Arctic ice has recovered, I am wondering what creative explanation the shaman will have if we have another cold winter in the U.S.

  3. philjourdan says:

    The US is having one of the coolest summers as well. As is most of the northern hemisphere. All the NOAA heat is where there are no records, just “extrapolations”.

  4. Password protected says:

    A lot of new articles linking solar magnetic duldrums to potential climate cooling. Who’d have ever thought the sun could govern heat here on Earth….craziness. When/if that heretic concept proves out in data, the agencies now trying to mislead will be totally discredited.
    I wonder sometimes whether NOAA/NCDC are fudging at the request of leaders or to maintain their credibility with the leaders.

  5. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Time to Perp Walk a few NOAA/NASA GISS scientists out the door and charge them with fraud. Hundreds of $Billions in taxpayer money squandered in useless schemes based on their their advice, their conclusions, their predictions.

    So the question is . . When did they realize the AGW theory was bogus and why did they continue to promote a known scam?

    • philjourdan says:

      Fred – true believers never realize the hoax that is being played. Other than the high priests (Schmidt and Hansen) most of the rest are just low level acolytes. So I doubt fraud will fly.

  6. darrylb says:

    In checking historical records (oftentimes newspaper) It seems as though Arctic and Antarctic sea ice oscillate in amounts and the two are out of phase with each other.
    A while ago Arctic was high and Antarctic was low.
    I have suggested to various scientists they look into the possibility that the oscillations in oceans warm and cool phase’s may cause ocean currents and areas of higher and lower pressure which may cause this. Instead we have someone like Mark Serreze (sp?) who keeps his biopic lens focused on a single cherry picked area.
    — and as Password p. suggests, variations in solar irradiance may be involved or could be the main driver.

  7. John B., M.D. says:

    I would love to see a plot of data set temperature adjustments vs. govt funding for climate change research. Do we have enough data on the funding by year?

    Some here:
    Brookings (2012-04) report on “Clean Tech”:
    p. 13 – $150 billion spending 2009-2014

    Federal Climate Change Funding from FY2008 to FY2014 (2013-09-13):

  8. duke1959 says:

    Man, you post way too much “stuff”. You say you want to enjoy life……why don’t you?

    • I have a great life, thanks.

    • duke1959 says:

      Yes to Colorado, I am struggling and eating ramen and left over donuts for my daily meals.

      To stevenetc… I thought that you didn’t block, that the free expressions of ones opinions/observations where allowed here. That is fine, it is, after all, YOUR site. You know, I thought at one time that we were on the same wavelength, but then you got all into Whole Foods, grass fed beef, etc, etc. I hope your ass gets down to sustenance. Then maybe you will look at a cow differently.

      Earth Climate. It is a joke and you are just riding it to whatever financial benefit you can get. And if you profit from it, more power to you. It is hard for me to live in a world that is ignorant and only belives what they are told by the media they belive in and still be content. I don’t value breath. I value production and from what I can tell, all you have produced is this forum. This society is going to wither away.

      • Sorry to hear, Duke. I know about hardship. Hope it gets better for you.

        On the rest, you are picking a fight with the wrong guy. He works for living and the way these things work he must produce to get paid.

        It is hard to make money with blogging, regardless how good.

      • Dmh says:

        The real problems of our society are way deeper than climate change. We’re here just trying to defend what we believe is the real scientific truth behind the known facts about climate.
        I wish things get better for you.

      • philjourdan says:

        Duke (if you are still around), debating science or the issues is one thing. Stalking is quite another. When you start prying into the private life of the operator and owner of the blog, that is stalking. Besides, being creepy, it is also not a good idea.

    • The Griss says:

      Duke, I look at you and your words…… I see SAD !!!

      A twitter and bisted a’soul..

  9. Eliza says:

    Duke I suggest you see Goddard’s video at the 9CCC Heartland conference the one with SUn TV Canada (Elza…). He appears far too happy! Shame on him! LOL BTW this type of posting is extremely bothersome to the AGW team. That’s why you get the paid AGW trolls to come and try to distract so we can all forget about it LOL

  10. kirkmyers says:

    NASA GISS and NOAA NCDC continue to do irreparable damage to both climate science and science in general. Their manipulation of temperature data borders on fraud.

    Early 20th century muckracker Upton Sinclair summed up the willful blindness, and subterfuge, of such organizations:

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”

  11. BallBounces says:

    Haven’t you ever put some ice on your head when you were over-heated, or soaked your feet in ice water? Well, clearly Gaia feels the same way.

  12. Tom G says:

    Worth a review. May have already been seen, but I was impressed that a former “insider” with the EPA has come clean.

  13. Justa Joe says:

    Wherever it’s supposed to be hot according to the warmists (conveniently in remote places no doubt) must REALLY be hot to offset the record cold just about everywhere else. So-called global warming doesn’t seem very global. Well actually it doesn’t seem to exist.

    • pesce9991 says:

      Global warming does exist, Joe. Just not here. This is the land of de Nile.

      • mjc says:

        Only in your imagination, is more like it…

        As defined by the IPCC, pretty damn doubtful.

        As proven by history, yeah, if it didn’t we’d still have mile thick glaciers over most of Canada and parts of the northern US.

        The only ‘denier’ around here is you…because you deny the possibility that there is nothing out of the ordinary happening.

      • Justa Joe says:

        So all it takes to have CAGW is for each one of us to look inside our own hearts and just BELIEVE.

      • philjourdan says:

        Wrong continent. And if it existed, denial would not make it go away. Apparently you still do not understand the meaning of words.

        get a dictionary.

  14. When is it weather? And when is it climate change?

    When one confirms what the CAGW crowd want its climate change, when it does not, it is “just weather”.

    This is fact, check all the statements made by various gubbamint and climate alarmists.

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