NCDC Data Tampering Elevates US Temperatures From 7th Coldest To 41st Coldest

The US is having one of its coldest years on record, as evidenced by record Great Lakes ice, and many pronouncements of record or near record cold winter and summer monthly temperatures by states and the National Weather Service.

But after data tampering by NCDC, this year has been just below average temperature, and only 41st coldest since 1895.

ScreenHunter_1750 Aug. 07 21.26

The actual thermometer data shows 2014 as 7th coldest on record so far, and coldest since 1979

ScreenHunter_1751 Aug. 07 21.31

More than two-thirds of the US has been below normal temperature so far this year.

YearTDeptUS (1)

NCDC accomplishes their feat of destroying the US temperature record, through a phenomenal hockey stick of data tampering- which cools the past by almost two degrees relative to the current year.

ScreenHunter_1752 Aug. 07 21.34

Note that according to NCDC, this year has been warmer than almost every year in the 1960s. This massive corruption defies both explanation and imagination.

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16 Responses to NCDC Data Tampering Elevates US Temperatures From 7th Coldest To 41st Coldest

  1. MrX says:

    This is nothing. Look at what they’ve done to the 30’s. It’s pretty shameful how they haven’t even hidden the fact that they’ve manipulated the 30’s to go from the hottest decade to be below today’s temperatures. It’s ridiculous. US temperatures in the 30’s were hotter than today. But that doesn’t sell AGW.

    • B says:

      Most people who might remember the 1930s are dead so they can get away with it. Then they’ll ridicule those of us who had the knowledge passed down to us as not being scientific. They are the experts and keepers of the records. Nothing else counts but what they say.

  2. Dan W. says:

    My BGE (Maryland) bill says July 2014 was 4 degrees colder than July 2013. Curious to see what the adjusted numbers show for the same comparison.

  3. Mohatdebos says:

    Interesting! The President’s Council of Economic Advisors blamed the decline in U.S. GDP in the first quarter on record cold weather. The U.S, Energy Information Agency (EIA) states that natural gas consumption is down because of cooler temperatures this summer. Yet, it is only the 41st coolest summer. A little disagreement among the U.S. agencies.

  4. Phil Jones says:

    When is somebody going to file a Lawsuit against these guys?

    Total taxpayer funded fraud…

    • nielszoo says:

      The problem is that lawsuits do nothing but employ lawyers. They don’t care if they get sued… “We The Taxpayer” are the ones who pay for their defense and most likely the ones that are “responsible” will be “put on administrative leave” so that we get to pay them to take a vacation from surfing porn in between changing data values around in Excel so that LINEST give them the curve that fits the 1,000 new regulations they’re implementing and justifies them hiring another couple of hundred regulators.

  5. craigm350 says:

    Reblogged this on the WeatherAction Blog and commented:
    Climate change satire – how the ’41st’ coldest Jan-Jul since 1895 was able to hurt the American economy. ?

  6. D. Self says:

    Amazing what the love of money will do to government funded scientists.

  7. Eliza says:

    Phil Have you left UEA??? joke…

  8. Bob Weber says:

    This makes no sense: 41st out of about 120 years (2014-1895) is about exactly 2/3 the way down the rankings, meaning one out of every three winters has been colder than 2013-14? Bullshit!

  9. ntesdorf says:

    The more that they ‘adjust’ the record, the more that they get paid by the Board of CAGW.

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