NOAA/NCDC About To Get Ensnared In Their Tangled Web

The Illinois State Climatologist says July was the coldest on record

The state climatologist says last month’s relative chilly temperatures tied the record for the coolest July in recorded Illinois history.  And as data are revised he says it’s likely this July will break the record.

July ties the record for coolest ever in Illinois – Consumer News – Crain’s Chicago Business

NCDC’s actual thermometer data shows that the state climatologist is correct, and that Illinois summers have been cooling since the 19th century.

ScreenHunter_1526 Aug. 02 07.12

This puts NCDC in a very bad position, because they are massively altering Illinois July temperatures, to hide the cooling trend. How will they handle it?

ScreenHunter_1527 Aug. 02 07.20

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6 Responses to NOAA/NCDC About To Get Ensnared In Their Tangled Web

  1. A C Osborn says:

    It is getting trickier for them to keep it up.
    Your President will have to tell those silly officials to stop talking that “Cooling” nonsense and to get “on message” to help out the scientists.

  2. Gamecock says:

    Why does a state need a “climatologist?” To get Green creds?

    When I was young, my state had a state meteorologist. He kept up with weather. Now, we have a climatologist. Rhymes with phrenologist.

  3. To really see the underlying stability in the Illinois temperatures, if you remake the first graph above with the 6 wildest swings in temperature removed, as being outliers (beyond 2? in variation from the mean temperature, with the mass of data in the range 24.5 +/- 1.5, so 2? = 3.0, so remove those points below 21.5 and those above 27.5), you will get a 120 year trend of less than 0.5 degrees in that period. This of course will be in line with the lifetime, real-world experience of any inhabitant of Illinois (or any other state of the union for that matter), who hasn’t felt any difference at all in the long run (unless their own internal thermostat has gone screwy, for one reason or another). This fact alone should decimate the population of Democrats in Illinois (if they still have any common sense at all after the last 6 years of Obama).

    • Shazaam says:

      I think some democrats are waking up.

      The laughingstock-in-chief and his merry band of czars have broken nearly every campaign promise made. And a fair percentage of former democrats have decided to become “independents”. Even the professional tax parasites who expected to get even more government goodies from the current administration are disappointed.

      The big boom in gun sales since 2008 has more democrats purchasing weapons. And as the statistics have always shown, there is less gun crime amongst a well armed populace.

      The community organizer from Kenya may have critically wounded the democratic political machine.

  4. Stephen Richards says:

    And as data are revised he says it’s likely this July will break the record.

    No, No, No. This guy is an imbecile. Revisions ALWAYS raise the temps not lower them. Get with the program / sarc

  5. talldave2 says:

    Paging Zeke to explain why CO2 makes ice melt later…

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