There Are Consequences For Electing Morons

Six months ago, the Secretary of State announced that 0.0001 mole fraction Mann-made CO2 was the greatest threat, ever.

Secretary of State John Kerry called on all nations to respond to “the greatest challenge of our generation.”
Kerry, speaking before college students in Jakarta, Indonesia, also criticized climate-change deniers, saying “a few loud interest groups” shouldn’t be given the chance to misdirect the conversation.
Kerry reiterated U.S. President Barack Obama’s assertion in the State of the Union address that climate change is an undeniable fact.

Six months later, US foreign policy is in complete meltdown, because the US elected a totally disconnected sociopath, and he appointed an even bigger moron to be the Secretary of State.

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28 Responses to There Are Consequences For Electing Morons

  1. Kassu says:

    4 trillion and counting spent in the Iraq war with truly fantastic results.

    • Dougmanxx says:

      I always get curious when I see numbers thrown around like this. I do not see ANY estimate for the cost of the war in Iraq at 4 trillion. The highest I could find was 3 trillion from a “study” done in 2008. The most recent number for a total estimate was from a report from academics at Brown University which came in at 1.1 trillion. Still a ton of money, but nowhere near 4 trillion.

      And the results would be different if the Foreign Policy of this Administration were not so completely incompetent. I mean, why are you going to throw away 10 years worth of blood and treasure, and NOT negotiate a Status of Forces agreement? It’s like they don’t live in the real world. You can argue about should we have gone, should we have not, that’s all completely meaningless BS. This Administration came into a situation where US forces HAD WON THE WAR. And they threw away the Peace. F#@king idiots.

      • _Jim says:

        Good ‘riff’ on that point a couple days ago-

        The Smart People Took Over… And Now Where are We?
        August 11, 2014


        I remember such stories as John Kerry in Pasadena, California, making a speech at some school or something and he said: You either get smart or you end up in Iraq. Where is he? Remember all of the stories about the American military and, “Oh, how bad must America be if all of these young men and women are joining the military! It must be that there’s no future in this country because of Bush!

        “They can’t get an education. They can’t get into a school. They can’t get a job because of the recession,” which didn’t exist, “and so the only option they had was to join the military.” The Democrat Party went so far as to discredit volunteers. I mean, I’m just trying to remind you — and I’m leaving out 90% of it. I’m trying to remind you of what we lived with, what we as citizens had to put up with in this country for five years multiple times a day, 24/7, 365 — and now where are we?

        Where are we now? We’re back! Because the “smart” people told us they were gonna fix it. The “smart” people told us it should have never happened. The “smart” people told us it was never worth a single American life. It was never worth a single American defense dollar. It was never worth an ounce or a moment of our time. It was the worst boondoggle ever, and it was typical of right-wing conservative warmongers.


  2. jjreuter says:

    If I was not an adult I may have cried. They need to bring back natural selection. We have been sliding downhill since the saber tooth went extinct. The used to eat the dumb loud ones.

  3. BallBounces says:

    I see an academic paper here demonstrating that catastrophic climate change results in… the election of morons. Grant money, please.

    • gregole says:

      catastrophic climate change results in… the election of morons..

      It is the greatest crises of our generation. We must act now!

  4. philjourdan says:

    We have been having the consequences for the past 6 years. Kerry is but the latest. And not all of it is his fault (surprisingly). Hillary was the one that claimed the Russia reset worked. Also that benghazi is not real, the Arab Spring was good, and that allies are bad.

    Kerry is just too stupid to be that stupid.

    • Shazaam says:

      The laughingstock-in-chief needed Kerry to make him look “presidential” by comparison…. Sadly, by comparison, Kerry does make the laughingstock-in-chief look more intelligent.

      One peculiar constant in the world is that really smart leaders in this world find the smartest subordinates they can and turn them loose. The truly smart ones manage by removing obstacles from the paths of their subordinates and ensuring they have the resources they need. Great things happen in such organizations.

      At the opposite end of the spectrum, is the political boss. He (or she) is deathly afraid of any subordinate looking more competent than his/her boss. These “political bosses” make a point of hiring and retaining only subordinates who are less intelligent than themselves so that they can make all the important decisions and hold on to the “power”. And that my friends is government in a nutshell…..

      • mjc says:

        I thought Biden did that…but then again, O needs BOTH of them to look ‘presidential’…

        • _Jim says:

          Remember this one?

          “Clowns to the left of me,
          Jokers to the right, …”

        • nielszoo says:

          I’ve said this on other forums but it bears repeating. I believe that Biden as VP was the choice of the U.S. Secret Service. Whenever there is a credible threat to POTUS they call up Biden’s chief-of-staff and ask him to send “Shotgun” Joe out to do a speech, and a couple of TV interviews and maybe a talk show or two… the nutcase that was the credible threat to POTUS is now confronted with the consequences of his/her actions… President Biden. No one is dumb enough to make that happen.

        • Shazaam says:

          @nielszoo – now that is the best explanation I’ve ever heard for the choice of Biden.

          So Biden is the laughingstock-in-chief’s suit of armor. If that is the case, the SS must be very solicitous about Biden’s health and well being.

          And we hope no one is that dumb…..

        • cdquarles says:

          Yes, I do remember that one.

        • cdquarles says:

          And even with them, HE doesn’t look or act Presidential, to me.

      • Gail Combs says:

        Unfortunately you are right. I have seen the same thing. Worse the good bosses are very few and far between. I had two and count myself lucky. (The best was an engineer from Texas _jim)

        • philjourdan says:

          The bad ones make you appreciate the good ones even more!

          The worst one I had was a dead ringer for “The Captain” in Mr. Roberts (not looks, just background and actions).

      • philjourdan says:

        Sadly, by comparison, Kerry does make the laughingstock-in-chief look more intelligent.

        ALL the president’s advisers do that. Even Hillary, who I detest, yet do respect as semi intelligent (and totally malevolent) was dumbed down to make him look intelligent. That is her last ace in the hole. The fact that she can now appear semi – literate. But old habits die hard. She has been playing stupid for so long, she still has her Obama moments (Dirt poor).

  5. Brian H says:

    Originally, the losing Pres. candidate became VP. Can you imaging Romney serving as VP to Obonzo?

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