If Only We Had Listened To The Climatologists

In 1975, climatologists were trying to warn politicians to take action against global cooling. Foolishly, the politicians turned a deaf ear, and refused to take even simple remedial steps like melting the Arctic with black soot. 

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16 Responses to If Only We Had Listened To The Climatologists

  1. philjourdan says:

    IN 1975, most of Germany was covered in black soot – in the winter time! Due to their use of coal as a fuel source and lack of pollution controls.

    Did not seem to help the weather however.

  2. jjreuter says:

    I remember it well. My high school homeroom teacher was an eco-whacko. I failed homeroom then as well.

  3. kbray in california says:


    How do you find those obscure newspaper articles?
    I want to find an old newspaper article that I need.


  4. The Chinese are covering the arctic with soot right now.

  5. _Jim says:

    I’m still mystified how their search system works on archives – this is almost the same search, but something ?? came back with 80 hits:


    Such as this Chicago Tribune article from Feb 22 2007:

    “Obama, Clinton feud gets lively”



  6. James the Elder says:

    Can always try here:


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